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The True Lost Gospel Given to Us by

Jesus (Our) Christ

This section is useful as it is. It needs some improvement but you’ll find useful information here never the less.

on road to demascusIt‘s right there in your Bible, but hidden in plain sight! In our modern era, there are a variety of different  “Christian gospels.”  It’s enough to confuse anyone. 

What indeed is the true gospel as was intended, given by God, to be spoken by and through Jesus the Christ to everyone? 

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Charles Spurgeon was one of the great “Old Masters” and we all improve ourselves by reading him.


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A Physician and Physiologist View the Crucifixion and

Disappearance of Jesus Christ


From Genesis To Revelation Our Savior Is, Has, and

Will Come Again!

Mary & Jesus

There is sufficient biological, legal, mathematical, archeological, theoretical physics (and more) proof that God is real and the Bible is the Truth. Pay no attention to those who would turn you away from the greatest gift offered to you in your entire life!

st. Stephen

Who Was St. Stephen?

Why we might model ourselves after this magnificent man.




Old Man Thinks Ancient Wisdom Most Important

I’m here to tell you, if you are faithful to God and His Righteous Ways….  In God’s Grace we are going to beat every problem and have VICTORY over all of our troubles!  I want to tell you something more if you’ll permit me the time.

A Great Woman Prophetess — HULDAH

Prophettes HuldaThere is only one mention of Huldah, the prophetess, in the whole Word of God, but that mention is highly honourable. It was in the time of revival, when king Josiah, specially raised up by God to restore His true worship in Jerusalem, had set himself to repair the house of the Lord his God. Before attempting to do this, he had begun to purge Judah and Jerusalem from idolatry, and he had thoroughly cleared the land of all traces of idol worship, unsparingly throwing down the graven images, the sun images, and the molten images, breaking them in pieces, and making dust of them.

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The Most Affordable Healthcare Option

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hospital bed

Why Patients With Lung Disease Should Be Treated Face-down


Go To Home Page Earlier of this year>>> and scroll down to this photo photo to get latest Covid-19 information from doctors.

Chinese wearing facemask

4/8/20  I watched a video from Singapore this evening. Hospital personnel are asking everyone to remain home and avoid contact with others if at all possible so they can somehow catch up on the flood of new flu cases.  There are many things we can do but quarantine is the best we can do. Please observe.

45. Epidemiologists and Health Workers Debate Covid-19 Response


Counting the Solitude 

 SN:  I lately concluded, a person in constant prayer is unassailable. If you are IN God nothing can touch you; not fire, nor lions, nor sword, nor harsh speech, nor bacteria and viruses…. Nothing can touch you. You are unassailable.

If you are required to remain home this is an excellent time to be reading, listening to sermons, praying, with fasting and grief over your sins and our collective sins. Repent, turn back away from sin and toward God. This is a time of warning and an opportunity to change your life for the better forever. As in the days when the ancients fasted, prayed, stayed alone in the dessert wilderness, sat in sack cloth and ashes begging God’s forgiveness, now too is the time for those truly dedicated to God to change their ways and speak to friends or family about the need for us to change and return to God before the entire society is torn asunder.

Modeled on the Jewish practice of counting the days before the Passover High Holy Day Omer, these prayers are for those counting their days in quarantine or lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

God’s Grace Is Sufficient

Have you ever had something that was so painful in your life that you would pray and ask God to remove it, but it just wouldn’t go away? It seemed the more you prayed about it the worse it would become. Sometimes God will take us through the wilderness experience to teach us to trust him. Everything we go through and experience is a part of God’s great purpose and plan for our life.

An Encouraging Prayer In These Difficult Times:  April 3, 2020

adapted from Psalm 91

I dwell in the shelter of The Most High. I rest in the shadow of The Almighty.

I say of The Lord, you are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.

Surely you save me from the powers of the evil in this world, and from deadly pestilence.

You cover me with your feathers, and under your wings I find refuge.    MORE>>>

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