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Come To Lavo for The Best of Modern Italian-American Dining In Singapore; The World’s Brightest City

It could be that Marina Bay Sands is Many Brilliant Restaurants with an attached hotel…

Lavo Italian



Experience dining 57-stories above ground amidst Singapore’s stunning city skyline. If you love a party atmosphere there are times when their hearty Italian-American cuisine is accompanied with electrifying music.

Indulge in all-time favorites like the classic Chicken Parmigiano and the famous LAVO Meatball – made of fresh Imperial Wagyu Beef and Italian sausage, spiced to perfection and topped with whipped ricotta cheese. Satiate your palate with the signature 20-Layer Chocolate Cake, layered with peanut butter mascarpone for a rich and luscious treat.

The 180 degree view of the city is not the only highlight of LAVO Singapore. Lavo also flaunts a luxurious lounge (indoor & outdoor) with a fully equipped DJ booth situated in the heart of the restaurant. Every Saturday, the Italian-American restaurant transforms into a “club” as the DJ ushers in the night with music to a beat that will have you dancing all night long. Party to Hip Hop beats and Top 40s, it is the perfect pre-party spot before arriving at your next party destination. 

If parties are not for you, end the week with the perfect Sunday Champagne Brunch, every Sunday from 12 – 3pm! Call for times when you can enjoy a quiet Italian dinner with friends and the most wonderful food and service in the city.


All of this and more is managed by Chef Ralph Scamardella

After nearly three decades in the kitchens of the most esteemed restaurants in the world, Ralph Scamardella serves as Partner and Chef. Being an executive chef is a very big job and Chef Scamardella is very good at what he does, keeping an eye on everything and maintaining the top performance of a wonderful restaurant for dining, imbibing and dancing.

Here is just one of several menus.  Menus change from time to time, especially for…

Daily Brunch & Lunch

April 17 @ 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Please your palate with an array of new brunch delights daily! The new menu offers crowd favourites and new dishes like fluffy Ricotta Pancakes topped with homemade blueberry jam, and the LAVO Toast-Lah, a fun twist on the traditional Singapore kaya toast served with a strawberry, kiwi, and yuzu infused mascarpone.

fish 1

Lavo fish platter


Succulent Jumbo Shrimp,  flavorsome Oysters, 4 delicious Littleneck Clams,    

 magnificent King Crab, Half Lobster, Crabmeat Salad, Tuna Ceviche;

 The list of delicious flavors from the Chef’s kitchen seems endless!


Jumbo Shrimp, 8 Oysters, 8 Littleneck Clams King Crab,

Whole Lobster, Crabmeat Salad, Tuna Ceviche, Scallop Salad

 More Menus


fish 3Raw Bar


half dozen 48 one dozen 96   



fish 2half dozen 15 one dozen 28





Jumbo Shrimp, 4 Oysters, 4 Littleneck Clams, King Crab,

Lavo 5Half Lobster, Crabmeat Salad, Tuna Ceviche


Jumbo Shrimp, 8 Oysters, 8 Littleneck Clams King Crab, Whole Lobster,

Crabmeat Salad, Tuna Ceviche, Scallop Salad




House Lettuce Mix, Shaved Apples, Red Wine Vinaigrette


Romaine Lettuce, Parmigiano Cheese, Garlic Croutons


Goat Cheese, Citrus,Toasted Almond, Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette


Heirloom Tomatoes, Onions, Pesto


Cippolini Onion, Poached Egg, Calabrian Chili


Celery, Endive, Fennel, Oregano, Red Wine Vinaigrette


Cured Meats, Italian Cheeses

Lavo 4

THE MEATBALL  38                                           

1lb of Fresh Ground Imperial Wagyu, Veal, Italian Sausage. Served with Fresh Whipped Ricotta

 LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar, atop the iconic Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, above Tower One. Inspired by the original LAVO locations, the Singapore location features an Italian American bistro that offers a ‘vibe dining’ experience. Guests can enjoy classic Italian American food and hand-crafted cocktails in a uniquely designed indoor and outdoor space that offers stunning views and fabulous food.


“Absolutely Amazing”

Highly recommended. My husband and I along with our kids had dinner here. We are staying in the hotel and it was a nice weather so we decided to have dinner in the famous rooftop restaurant of Marina bay sands. The staff are so welcoming and very professional. We requested a window table then we got a great sea view. We got carried away when ordering our food as the menu offered amazing dishes. The meatball was very delicious as was the charred octopus. My husband really enjoyed his lamb chops it was cooked to perfection.
Special thanks to our friendly server Maria for taking care of us. Very good recommendations for the food; we finish everything it was excellent! She’s always keeping an eye on our table making sure that we have anything else that we need. And of course the view is one of a kind. Thank you for the wonderful experience Lavo E. Wilson,Singapore March 2020 



Lavo is the place to head to for a memorable evening. The views are to die for, as is the food. Of special note is the monster meatball and the decadent desserts. Prices are high, but good value for the money. A great vibe, fabulous views, delicious food and warm service – Lavo has it all.  R.J. Date of visit: March 2018

+65 6688 8591

Enjoy the finest of Italian Food and catch a view you’ll remember forever!

Much more at:

The view from the observation deck 57 stories above the inviting warm society below, defies comparison to anything else in the world!

from MB Sands Observation deck

 “Breathtaking views with a side of magnificent food!”

The experience at the Lavo was nothing short of ethereal… and it wasn’t only because we were nearly 600 feet above the earth! The restaurant has plush indoor seating but the outdoor deck seating overlooking the cityscape on one side and the sea views on the other, are the preferred seating by most guests.

Oz from Germany, Saurabh from India, and Paula from the Philippines were the team from Lavo that guided us. They were well acquainted with the fare and they curated us through a three-course meal that simply blew our minds. The giant meat ball made of waguyu veal was tender and juicy packed with great flavors… the tuna tartare on a bed of fresh avocado went beautifully with the French white wine. The crispy crusted hand tossed pizza and the filet mignon ignited the breath-taking skyline and the sea kissing sun. It was extraordinary.  And… Finally the dessert and fruit had us nearly speechless.

What made the experience memorable were the three who attended to our every need. From gently suggesting options, to ensuring that the glasses never ran dry to knowing precisely when to pop in. Yet they protected us in a blanket of privacy. They really are a class act! We’re going back for the food but even more for the lovely people, and excellent service!  S and K   March 2020


“Fantastic Place! Excellent Service!”

I was there to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Jane, our waitress, was extremely hospitable. While ordering, she took note of our orders and carefully arranged our utensils. After ordering, we asked if we might go onto the observation deck to take in the view. She said “yes” and even went the extra mile to tell us that she would come out to notify us when our food arrived. She even offered to take our pictures for us when she came by to inform us that our food was ready.


After the dinner, even though we said that we are not celebrating our friend’s birthday in the restaurant as they don’t allow outside food, Jane still surprised us with a plate of dessert. Overall, we were delighted with our first experience at Lavo. Jane really made it a very special birthday celebration and a wonderful afternoon. She deserves to be commended and recognized for her service J


LAVO Italian

Satiate Even The Biggest Of Appetites With Italian-American Fare 

On The Marina Bay Sands Roof-top

Entry 1

Many high-end restaurants want to locate at the fabulous Marina Bay Sands.

LAVO is an Italian-American restaurant, bar and nightclub all rolled into one, setting a new beat on the 57th floor. Of course such a location comes with a price, as does all real estate, but here, whatever you pay to share this experience, is worth every penny!

cute girls

The vibrant ambiance was full of the constant chatter of excited patrons working on their cathartic release of the week’s stresses as the drinks started pouring.

Lavo 2

The heavy wooden benches and leather-upholstered seats made the place feel very homely and comfortable, as much as it was a barometer of what one would expect from a high-end Italian eatery.

From the beginning the textures and flavors were a delight. This appetizer was exactly what we were looking forward to — “The Meatball”. For that price point, our hopes were high. Would it really be that good? We were NOT disappointed.

Lavo 3

The ricotta cheese just melted right into the tomato sauce, while the one pound mix of grand imperial wagyu, veal and Italian sausage was inexplicably succulent.

When asked about how such tenderness was achieved, we were told that the dish was oven-baked. With such a hearty start to the meal, we had to hold back our spoons from finishing it off, just to save room for much more. After all, this was intended to be a restaurant review and we had to keep ourselves ready for more tasting!

Lavo 5

The other starter was the Charred Octopus, which really lived up to its name as it was crusty and smokey on the outside, while the flesh was bouncy with just the right bite.

Lavo 6

No Italian meal is complete without a cold cut platter, and the Salumi-Formaggi Platter  was exactly right. We love a variety of dishes. The chef brilliantly pared honey and figs (fresh, not dried!) to complement the dish. It was better than anything I had expected.

Lavo 7

If you are not a great salad lover, the Chopped “Louie” might just change your mind. It has an entire lobster claw thrown in, together with shrimp, lettuce and house vinaigrette. The word “salad” is an injustice.

That is came chopped up for us was big plus, and a great convenience. One could enjoy dining on dainty bite sized pieces.

8 compare

What Italian restaurant review could be complete without a pizza sample? The only way to get a pizza crunchy on the edges with a pleasant chewiness in the middle is by baking in a traditional brick oven, and that is what they did! Building a brick oven 57-floors above the street must be a labor of love. I tell you, it was worth doing!


Menus change of course, but during our visit we tried the Spinach And Artichoke, and the classic Quattro Formaggi, with the latter featuring gorgonzolaparmesansmoked mozzarella and fontina. We preferred the Quattro Formaggi, probably because we aren’t particularly excited by artichoke.

The next dish of Truffle Gnocchi  was absolutely divine, in both taste and aroma. It had a generous amount of truffle shavings, and the chicken stock the chef applied gave the dish a depth that common pasta cafés never seek. This is authentic Italian-American at its very best!

The homemade gnocchi was tender and chewy, without being sticky. Even after we were no longer hungry, it was so good it made the dish nearly addictive.

Another pasta dish we ordered for evaluation was the Penne Seafood Alfredo. It was good but the gnocchi was our pasta of favor!

Lavo 11

Moving on to the meats, we were really looking forward to seeing how succulent the New York Strip was. The fatty edges melted away on first bite. The chef’s timing was just right. The meat arrived a perfect medium-rare; bringing out all its rich juiciness.

Lavo 12

There was so much and it was just excellent! We were wondering if we should return in an hour or two for dessert, but decided to be daring and continue the investigation. Of course there are many desserts and some sweeter than others; and past age 30, one must be more careful about adding sweet deserts to a big protein and pasta dinner. It was the moment we had been waiting for weeks to experience.

We had heard so much about this cake, we did not actually realize the impact of its grandeur sitting before us, daring us to cut into its perfect beauty.

Lavo 13

The 20-Layer Chocolate Cake  is larger than the size of our hands (fingers included) and is decked out with alternate layers of chocolate devil’s food cake and peanut butter mascarpone. We love both things individually, but when eaten together, it was classic flavor paring perfection!

This was the thickest, sweetest and most decadent cake we’ve ever had the honor of tasting. Be warned; it will take a small army of diners to completely finish this, especially considering the size of the portion that LAVO serves.

Lavo 14

The Olive Oil Cake  was our final indulgence.

It was a light weight change and we found ourselves finishing this off quite easily. The moist, citrus cake maintains a lovely balance to the subtly sweet lemon olive oil gelato, and its texture was fluffy and light.

Judging from the size of LAVO’s plates and the overall ambiance, this is a place we would say is best for lively celebrations and banter among large groups of friends.

The prices are a bit more but the food and location are so excellent I am inclined to say we got more than our money’s worth and had a life experience I had been awaiting for years. Actually, if you share with 2 or 4 additional friends, the price does average out. I think if each ordered separately the group would have spent much more. I don’t criticize the price, and I did not come there expecting giveaway prices. The truth is making a restaurant profitable is a very careful accounting balancing act and making a success of it is a profoundly respectable accomplishment!

For communal dining that’s rich in flavours, and hearty in portions, LAVO will meet your fondest hopes.

Expected Expenditure: $75 – $125 (Singapore dollars) per person

LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Hotel Tower 1, Level 57 Sands Skypark, Singapore 018956 |

Opening hours: (Daily) 5pm – 2am Tel: +65 6688

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