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To Contact Me (for business ONLY, please) send a letter to  [email protected]

Stephen Newdell  [email protected]    is the “Professional” address, but it all forwards to [email protected] I don’t like forms. You probably don’t either. Just send me a note. 

I’m happy to hear from you and I am completely approachable. Ask anything, propose a special offer. I’m happy to consider your new ideas.

My business background is diverse. I was born into a business family. I’ve worked in Advertising, Marketing, Direct Sales of various types including Internet sales letters and email sales, and after age 28 I made my living as a combination Chiropractor and Massage Therapist. I applied what I had learned in marketing to develop a busy practice. So…you might imagine I’ve learned a lot and can be helpful for improving your business efforts. If we see the need, I can also refer you to the world’s best advertising and marketing agency. That would be Mr. Drayton Bird in London. There is no one better. In fact they guarantee results!

Please understand I do everything in writing via email or chat service. I don’t deal with the phone because I don’t hear well and I reside and work quite often in The Philippines. I maintain a home address and banking in Fort Myers, Florida.

Chat service: I’ll be setting up a new chat service through GOOGLE soon! Request a contact and we’ll be able to chat free of charge. A lot of my life now is spent near Cebu City, The Philippines, and most of the year there is a 12-hour difference between New York and “The Phils”.  It would be easy for us to chat most evenings YOUR time between 7PM and 10PM Eastern Time Daylight Time.

I’m sure I can help you get more church visitors or customer traffic to your websites or standing business. I’m happy to help you be more prosperous. You will not speak to a phone room or a “call agent.” You will be speaking to me, Dr. Steve Newdell.

Thanks for your interest!

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