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DEFINING “Of” Finding The True Gospel (This will clear away centuries of confusion. Please read this carefully.)


Finding The True Gospel

9.24.2019 — Stephen Newdell

I request you first, please run your eyes quickly down this series of definitions and take note of those whose color I’ve changed on this webpage.

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Definition of of in English:

of  Pronunciation /ɒv//(ə)v/

PREPOSITION    Expressing the relationship between a part and a whole.

  1. 1.1 With the word denoting the part functioning as the head of the phrase.

‘the sleeve of his coat’

‘in the back of the car’

‘the days of the week’

More example sentences

  1. 1.2 After a number, quantifier, or partitive noun, with the word denoting the whole

functioning as the head of the phrase.

‘nine of the children came to the show’

‘a series of programmes’

with mass noun ‘a piece of cake’

More example sentences


 2Expressing the relationship between a scale or measure and a value.

‘an increase of 5%’

‘a height of 10 metres’

More example sentences

  1. 2.1 Expressing an age.

‘a boy of 15’

More example sentences

3Indicating an association between two entities, typically one of belonging, in which the first is the head of the phrase and the second is something associated with it.

‘the son of a friend’

‘the government of India’

‘a photograph of the bride’

with a possessive ‘a former colleague of John’s’

More example sentences


  1. 3.1 Expressing the relationship between an author, artist, or composer and their works


‘the plays of Shakespeare’

‘the paintings of Rembrandt’

More example sentences

 4Expressing the relationship between a direction and a point of reference.

‘north of Watford’

More example sentences

Expressing the relationship between a general category or type and the thing being  specified which belongs to such a category.

‘the city of Prague’

‘the idea of a just society’

‘the population of interbreeding individuals’

‘this type of book’

More example sentences

6Following a noun derived from or related to a verb.

Example sentences

  1. 6.1 Followed by a noun expressing the subject of the verb underlying the first noun.

‘the arrival of the police’

‘the decision of the County Council’

‘the howling of the wind’

More example sentences

  1. 6.2 Followed by a noun expressing the object of the verb underlying the first noun.

‘the murder of the two boys’

‘payment of his debts’

‘an admirer of Dickens’

‘I am certain of that’

More example sentences

7Where the head of the phrase is a predicative adjective.

‘it was kind of you to ask’

‘I am certain of that’

8Indicating the relationship between a verb and an indirect object.

  1. 8.1 With a verb expressing a mental state.

‘I don’t know of anything that would be suitable’

More example sentences

  1. 8.2 Expressing a cause.

‘he died of cancer’

More example sentences

9 Indicating the material or substance constituting something.

‘the house was built of bricks’

‘walls of stone’

More example sentences

10North American Expressing time in relation to the following hour.

‘it would be just a quarter of three in New York’

More example sentences


It is a mistake to use of instead of have in constructions such as you should have asked

(not you should of asked). For more information, see have


be of

o Possess intrinsically; give rise to.

‘this work is of great interest and value’

More example sentences

 of all

o Denoting the least likely or expected example.

‘Jordan, of all people, committed a flagrant foul’

More example sentences

 of all the nerve

o An expression of indignation.

Example sentences

 of an evening (or morning etc.)

o 1informal On most evenings (or mornings etc.).

Example sentences

o 2informal At some time in the evenings (or mornings etc.).

Example sentences


Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch af and German ab, from an Indo-

European root shared by Latin ab and Greek apo.




The Gospel OF Jesus Christ wherein “of” means a relationship and indicating an association.

The relationship and association of this Good News is that the good news came from The Heavenly Father and was spoken THROUGH Jesus the Messiah/the savior/ ”the Christ.” It is the good news associated with Jesus From The Father. It is the message From God.

Pastors knew all of this in the 1800’s and early 1900’s and then by ways of which I am not entirely aware, a debate broke out about whether the gospel was about the PERSON Jesus the Christ or about THE MESSAGE HE BROUGHT.

It was so easy to make it all an historical legend and ignore The Message that God sent through Him. And….It was convenient too because now some pastors can claim to have “a prosperity gospel” or “a New Church Modern Gospel:” and all such inventions are apostate nonsense! Do not allow yourself to be drawn into these lies!

This is not about splitting hairs. This word “of” has caused more confusion concerning this “gospel” or “good news” than any other word in English!

The Gospel OF Jesus Christ indicates a relationship concerning the message God sent Jesus to bring to us.

There is only ONE message God was sending. It was not about the legend of Jesus. It was not about the life and times of Jesus. It was not the biographical sketch of Jesus.

It was the message God wanted us to know, WHICH IS: The Devil will be imprisoned, We who want freedom must Love God, Follow His Commandments, make our request to be citizen/subjects of/in The Kingdom of God and thereby gain all of its benefits.

Benefits? What benefits are there to being a subject of a king? Isn’t it better if I am free to be wild, crazy, stupid, and sinful? 

Obviously not. After at least 6,000 years of humans attacking one another we are now at the final grand pinnacle of our technology! And what is that?

Is it to cleanse us of all diseases and live happily and in luxury forever? What could it be? The top of the top of our technology (there are many high peaks obviously) will disrupt all others. It will supplant everything else. It will leave us stunned and breathless – literally.

(Yes, I’m being disgracefully s


I will attempt to clear up one other carcastic.)

This grand high technology was reached around year 1944 and has since been refined. It is that we will launch an unstoppable nuclear exchange that will erase all life, all culture, all love, hopes, dreams, all of everything beneficial, all of everything delightful. My friends will die, their children and animals will die, everything I ever worked for will turn to scattered dust, my lovely kitty cat will die.

After what in some places is estimated to have been over 150,000,000 years of hominids and humans living on this planet and murdering one another in such numbers even dinosaurs might be horrified, we are at last ready to,

(under the name of one god or another mind you) take our revenge against every bad thing that ever happened to us and in one final angry moment a very few lunatics representing your anger against “their” anger, will destroy the planet. Isn’t that grand? Doesn’t that make you pleased and proud? Isn’t our advancement in technology just — magnificent?

Jesus, Save Us!

The Benefits of being a US citizen are known or at least imagined by the rest of the world who feel that they are outside looking in. They want to live here where people are (or were) free to think and worship and travel and work from sweeping floors or cutting lawns, up to running their own business and perhaps becoming materially prosperous and otherwise fulfilled.

There are no guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with any details of the life you want, but in America you’ve had the opportunity to try and reach for it.

In the Muslim world and the Communist world and so many other places you had no opportunity for anything. Free thinking is very definitely NOT allowed! Many American universities are teaching that Free Thinking and Free Enterprise are evil and that Globalism/socialism/communism (though they’ve never proven to be successful yet) will be the solution to our problems. Balderdash!

Clearly the solution is for God to return and be our King. But God has handed the honor (and work) off to Jesus the Christ. He, Jesus Our Savior, Will Save Us (from ourselves and Satan.)

To be an honorable subject of The King of The Universe means you’ll be trained in his wisdom and knowledge until at last you are capable and Like Him!!! You are ADOPTED into God’s Family! Imagine that! And you can live eternally, and work with God and do for God and by this you will learn by doing and enjoy your accomplishments. You might even manage a city or a community or perhaps even create life and manage a planet. Who knows? The point is, you’ll reach for Serenity of Beingness, Total happiness, complete Self-realization!

For the first time ever you’ll know a “happiness” you presently cannot imagine!

It’s heady stuff and most people read what I just wrote and think nothing of it because they instantly go into denial about it. As we might say, “It goes right over their head.”

Most people are emotional thinkers. They are not analytical and self-analytical thinkers. They won’t stop and analyze what I’ve just written. They may have at best simply accepted this message, “repent and be saved.”

They believe or hope that going to some church every weekend will get them into eternal happiness and retirement, or at least prevent their falling into some sort of truly unimaginable eternal torment!

They read that the greatest thing that will ever happen is for The Kingdom of God to return to our world, that Jesus will be that King, that the world will be full of His wisdom, and knowledge, honesty, truth and justice. They read it but don’t sit and consider/imagine/picture it for a long while.

Another author whose name and memory is a blessing to us forever once wrote; “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” Many thanks and God’s Blessing over English Prime Minister Winston Churchill who is quoted here.

Indeed most stumble over the truth, pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and hurry back to the sinful world they knew, the world they imagine must be real.

Picture if you can, you suddenly are placed into a 5-star beach resort hotel and experience great luxury and comfort. You and your spouse are suddenly young and athletic, completely healthy and just beautiful. You have nothing to do for a day but eat and wash and make love with your spouse, and swim and do it all again.

Is any of that real or is it only a one day illusion? Is this rubbing bodies together real or is it just an attempt to express a heart-to-heart connection because you have no words by which to say in the fullness of meaning, “I Love You”? I say it’s an attempt to express love because you really can’t express it with words. At best after a lifetime of honest service to one another you can end your life saying, “I did all I could these past years to prove I Love You.”

So in the same way, the world in which we live, is not the final reality. It’s artificial. It’s mud and blood, pain and sorrow, and we hope one day for a release into an unimaginable paradise.

It’s actually a sort of physical illusion. The REAL world is the world of, the Kingdom of God and the complete understanding of things such as you’ve never imagined: an understanding of profound meanings and physical, symbolic, mathematical, spiritual, God-communicated relationships.

So, my argument in summary is; this title should be “God’s Message Spoken To Us Through Jesus the Christ.” The gospel given by God through Jesus Christ” or “The Good Message from God given through Jesus Christ.”

It’s a bit ironic that YouTube is replete with titles that say something like “I died and met Jesus.” (I’m a bit skeptical.)

People are interested in what happened, what she learned, what HE said. They want to know God’s message, His hidden wisdom for them. But the message He intended for us to hear has been confused and obfuscated by misunderstanding “of.”

This is Pathetic to realize there has been such terrible pain and loss over a missed word definition. It is not “semantics.” It’s not “nit picking” it is not splitting hairs, it is not being a perfectionist nut case and a scholar. It is simply seeking to understand the basic truth from God.

What are we asked, even required, to do? Repent (which means give up sinning and follow God’s commandments) and BELIEVE this message.

Nowadays we have more than sufficient scientific evidence to prove God created life and created this planet and created The Universe!

We are not told that a 15-second prayer is enough! “Oh God, I’m a sinner. Forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me. In Jesus name, Amen.”

That is not enough!!! That’s the start. If you intend to drive 1,000 hard miles through the winter wind and snow, is starting the engine enough? No. It’s the beginning. You get moving slowly, wait a little while for the engine to warm, turn on the heat, the car warms and defrosts the windows, you can see better, you are not shaking with cold spasms. You’re on your way.

Likewise, you accept this “gospel” and commit to following God’s Way. You repent, you change your ways, you continue to study. You’re warming up and defrosting. You’re no longer shaking with fears. You know a peace you never knew you could know!

The rest of your life you do your best to turn away from sin, continue reading, learning, thinking, studying, doing for others, helping and showing love of God by treating others as God wants you to do; Treating others as you hope they will treat you. You make a habit of doing something to help someone every day.

When the end of your life comes you’re still asking, “Am I following Your Way? Have I done enough prayer and repentance and helping others find the Righteous Way, that path to eternal salvation?”

Our last dying breath is our last message. Lord, Jesus, please rescue me.

And He will. That He has promised He will do.

There’s no test and we don’t have any standard — but for a standard of perfection no one has reached. As Apostle Paul wrote about himself, he kept his eyes on the prize. He kept his focus. He did all he could do to rescue others and further the preaching of this brilliant philosophy, this way of life, this Righteous Way. This was a huge change for him, because he had been trained to be a high Rabbi and now he was contradicting much of what he had been taught!

We are told to change our ways and follow God’s Righteous Way. “The Way” as they called it when the first Church of God began, was started by Jesus himself! He even said (my modern interpretation) I will name you Peter (the little stone) and upon this stone I will build my church!

That little stone under the heel of Rome was enough to drive some men mad, tear families apart, even destroy nations.

“The Way.” The way of God, is the way of love, kindness, honesty, respect, direct honest speaking, loving and helping our neighbors. It is treating others as we want to be treated; the way of Giving.

It is the way of the 10-Commandments handed to Moses from the very hand of God!

At the end of his life, about age 68, the beloved Apostle John (our memory of him is forever a blessing!) was still saying, “Little Children, Love One-Another.”

Teach, preach, FOLLOW “The Good Message from God given through Jesus Christ.”

The Kingdom of God is at hand, like a developing fetus, it is about to be born!

Repent and Keep His Commandments so that you may be saved, rescued, adopted and inducted as a citizen-subject of The King, who will rule The Kingdom of God forever and ever.


Why Jesus the Christ

I shall attempt to clear up one other confusion.

Why do I occasionally write Jesus the Christ? The meaning of the word “Christ” means “The Anointed One,  the savior, God with Us.

The gospel story records that indeed God through the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary. This history is controversial, but some believe that Mary’s family was living near Qumran in the foot hills of Mount Carmel. They were a monastic community dedicated to very strict maintenance of God’s Laws. Her family tree could be traced back to King David. Her husband Joseph also lived in that community. His family tree also could be traced back to King David. He was actually a revolutionary and wanted to depose Herod and replace him with someone of the Davidic line, perhaps himself or one of his sons. But, based upon a major mistake one of that family line made, God had pronounced that no one of that family line could sit upon the future throne.

Mary’s line was not so similarly cursed. Her family tree could produce a savior who could take the throne and command the rebuilding of our world.

Jesus did not drop out of a cloud somewhere. He came from God through these two people and was seen with the family visiting the Temple in Jerusalem at least during the annual High Holy Days.

There actually are people wandering around who think “Jesus Christ” (son of “Joseph and Mary Christ”) came from nowhere, dropped out of a cloud, and got baptized, and his mother was some odd cute young girl who got married to Joseph Christ! (oh, please! Read, learn something, understand the origins of what you believe and why you believe it!)

In those days there were no family names or Sir Names as such. Joseph would have been Joseph bin (of) his father’s first name and to know more they would have traced back the family tree! So ultimately they would have been “of King David!”

This monastic community called themselves Nasserines or Nazarenes and as their population grew their community came to be called “Nazareth.” Jesus was not “of Nazareth.” He was Jesus bin Joseph the carpenter of Nasseria, or the carpenter of Qumran.

For years this young man carpenter, the son of Joseph was known to many as Yahshua of Nasseria. (Yahshua in English comes out as Joshua and in Greek is spoken as Jesus.)

So at least to my strange mind calling him Jesus Christ distresses me because I wish for who he was and what his name means to be clearly understood. Names for these people mean something very important. I should discuss that in another article because it can be a complicated and long discussion.

Therefore the correct title (in English) really can be any of these:

  • Jesus the Christ or
  • Yahshua the Messiah or
  • Yahshua Messiah,
  • God with us,
  • Jesus our Savior
  • Jesus Our Christ.

If you ever meet me you’ll discover I never say any of this. I just try to be quiet and polite and not correct or argue with anyone. I write. I positively hate arguments. I write. I might be writing to an extremely small number of readers, but that’s the way I want to communicate. The cool thing about writing is, no one interrupts me with questions that break the train of thought. No one interrupts me, and drags us into a different line of thinking so that the conclusion to which I was coming is lost forever. 

I won’t rave and rant and I don’t imagine myself preaching before huge crowds. It may be that I will produce a few audio messages available from my website.

I envision myself sitting here at my desk writing and hopeful I have helped at least one person today to better understand who Jesus is and what he came to do and say. I hope I helped You.

He did not come exclusively to die for your sins. He very obviously came to correct, teach, preach, prove He was God walking amongst women and men by the miracles he performed. Most importantly He told us He does the will of the father. The actions he performs, the places he goes, the words he speaks are directly from The Heavenly Father. And so it was even to the last breath when he fulfilled more prophecies and said, “Forgive them. They know now what they do.” And “It Is Finished.” (which meant, the debt is paid in full!)  And with that final message given, his body died.

He did not come to us only as a man, nor as exclusively a God-Man intending to die for our sins. He came as he was originally created, at least 13.8 Billion years ago when God through the Living Word created it all.  He came to us as the walking, breathing Living Word of God.

Yet more prophecies were to be fulfilled. Not a bone of him was broken. He had been betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, was entombed in a rich man’s tomb, miraculously rose from the dead after three nights and days, and that stone across the tomb was not rolled away, it was lifted (thrown?) UP hill something like 50 feet! It was very big and heavy and it’s a sure thing those big Roman Centurions didn’t lift it! In fact it was all tied in place with many wraps of rope so it could not be removed!

The majesty and wonder of all of this goes on and on so long any logical woman or man would finally (if honest) capitulate and say, “Indeed, God is real, Jesus was Our Savior” and that is what happened in two or three cases when more modern people attempted to prove this “Christ Stuff” was a lot of nonsense and that God doesn’t exist and life and the universe just fell together accidentally.

Interestingly, everything we observe in the universe if left to itself finally deteriorates, disintegrates and if alive, ceases to be alive. But we brilliant moderns are expected to believe the biggest fish story ever told. The story that life and the universe EVOLVED — without a plan — from nothing. Now, that’s the grandest lie I have ever heard.

Now you have a bit better understanding of who Jesus was, what his name means, where he came from, that he indeed is Jewish Royalty, the progeny of King David, and the biological son of God the Heavenly Father and Mary, the wife of Joseph who was a carpenter (and revolutionary) from the people of Nasseria/Nazareth.

Perhaps also at last you really know why He came to us. He came to save the lost and rescue YOU so that you might be adopted into God’s family, and wed (so to speak) to Jesus The Messiah!

Now as I come to a close, I ask you to take a few moments to consider this. He came to teach each of us and to offer that YOU may be adopted into The God Family, be raised by God, and one day be Like HIM!

You have your back pack and your walking stick and your sunglasses, and a handkerchief, and spiritual food and water. Now we begin the uphill journey with a first step. Turn the lights off. Pull the door closed. Don’t bother to lock it. We’re never looking back to this old house. We’re never returning again. From now on our eyes are forward on the prize, up the rocky hilly path to the pinnacle of ultimate success, to the Love of God and oneness with Him forever. The world is behind us, God is before us. Move forward toward His Light!

If you realize what I’m pointing to, if you’re up for the challenge, if this fabulous future excites you, ask Him for Salvation, admit you have not kept all the law, beg for forgiveness and entry into the family and the church He Founded which is destined to be “married” to Jesus the Christ – very soon!

I want to see you in New Jerusalem.


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