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Have You Seen Jesus‭?


Have You Seen Jesus‭?

Oswald Chambers

After that,‭ ‬He appeared in another form to two of them‭…‬  MARK 16:12
Being saved and seeing Jesus are not the same thing.‭ ‬Many people who have never seen Jesus have received and share in God’s grace.‭ ‬But once you have seen Him,‭ ‬you can never be the same.‭ ‬Other things will not have the appeal they did before.
You should always recognize the difference between what you see Jesus to be and what He has done for you.‭ ‬If you see only what He has done for you,‭ ‬your God is not big enough.‭ ‬But if you have had a vision,‭ ‬seeing Jesus as He really is,‭ ‬experiences can come and go,‭ ‬yet you will endure‭ “‬as seeing Him who is invisible‭” (‬Hebrews‭ ‬11:27‭)‬.‭ ‬The man who was blind from birth did not know who Jesus was until Christ appeared and revealed Himself to him‭ (‬see John‭ ‬9‭)‬.‭
Jesus appears to those for whom He has done something,‭ ‬but we cannot order or predict when He will come.‭ ‬He may appear suddenly,‭ ‬at any turn.‭ ‬Then you can exclaim,‭ “‬Now I see Him‭!” (‬see John‭ ‬9:25‭)‬.
Jesus must appear to you and to your friend individually‭; ‬no one can see Jesus with your eyes.‭ ‬And division takes place when one has seen Him and the other has not.‭
You cannot bring your friend to the point of seeing‭; ‬God must do it.‭
Have you seen Jesus‭? ‬If so,‭ ‬you will want others to see Him too.‭ “‬And they went and told it to the rest,‭ ‬but those they told did not believe them either‭” (‬Mark‭ ‬16:13‭)‬.‭ ‬When you see Him,‭ ‬you must tell,‭ ‬even if they don’t believe.
O could I tell,‭ ‬you surely would believe it‭!
‬O could I only say what I have seen‭!
‬How should I tell or how can you receive it,‭
‬How,‭ ‬till He bringeth you where I have been‭?‬ 
From My Utmost for His Highest Updated Edition

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