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Hiring Lunacy In The Philippines!


Hiring Lunacy In The Philippines!

I regularly meet fine young people with 4-year degrees putting cans on shelves! No wonder Filipino people seek work abroad. 
Filipino corporations ruin opportunities for better profit for themselves and ruin lives of young Filipino workers. A high school grad can put cans and bottles on a shelf! A 2-year degree is more than enough to prove capability in most work. The 4-year degree is for people who should be hired in their home country for a Long Term Career position at a decent living wage.
Filipino citizens should be battering the doors of the President and Congress to make changes for fair business practices for their own country’s citizens. Do it and do it continually until honesty prevails! Why did your family nearly kill themselves to get you through college so you could do menial labor? It’s not only unfair. It’s downright insulting to you and to them!!!
The Asian education system is far better than the American.
Disagree as you may about Roman Catholic doctrine, the schools here are influenced by the Catholic schooling traditions. Students wear uniforms, are prompt, treat one another as gentlemen and ladies should, and classes begin around 7:30 and end around 5PM. They are better, more competent workers with better manners!
The Filipino students learn more than the American students and the pity is, they’re hired abroad because the businesses here will hire them only for temporary contracts with no benefits and then replace them. If these young people want a career, they run into a serious problem because at age 23 to 25 they cannot be hired on a contract and they end up on the human garbage pile, or they try starting a small business undercapitalized! 
Thus, foreign employers are very pleased to hire Filipino Mariners, Filipino Nurses, Teachers, Chemists, Electricians, flight attendants, dairy-men, office staff, customer service agents — you name it. These foreign companies hire these people at slave-wages, use them as if they were granted gifts from God, and then send them home with poor future prospects after they’ve gotten all the profit they can from this educated person.
The foreign company makes bigger profits. Big oil companies in Saudi Arabia, for example, produce new chemical products, plastics, vinyls, polyesters, thanks to new developments created by Filipino chemists — who get no pay raises and not so much as a “thank you!” The worker returns home so disgusted he doesn’t want to go to work anywhere anymore.
Does Congress in Manila have any idea how their poor legislation is killing these people and pushing them toward a social revolt? It’s past-due time for a major change!
This country’s citizens kill themselves to educate their young and then watch them turn to begging because their morale is broken. I see it. I talk to people and hear it. This leads to broken families, single mothers, and more people begging and living in terrible poverty. Part of the problem is general human immorality and a major portion comes because workers “are killing themselves for nothing.”
The benefits of the profits these young workers could produce for Filipino corporations are being GIVEN away to big companies abroad. This is completely blind insanity! The Filipino workers could be improving Filipino business, and businesses could be making better products if they were to honestly hire people, keep them in career positions, pay them properly, publically recognize their contributions, and THINK LONG TERM.
Filipino CEO’s appear to this foreigner visitor to be some of the most short-sighted incompetent, money-hungry, corrupt managers in the world!!!
His Excellency President Duterte wants change, and for very good reasons, but someone is preventing it. If change isn’t made to give the general citizen a better chance for a decent life, eventually there will be a social revolution. 

CEO’s, You cannot impoverish your citizenry forever!

Filipino Citizens, you can work properly through the political system, send emails, send letters, speak to political representatives, and don’t give up. Don’t say, “We can hope and pray.” Get out there and force your words upon people who might lose their political position if they show that they won’t go into action on your behalf!
Name any job done abroad and absolutely, The Filipino worker will study more to gain the skill and do whatever is needed stronger, harder, and better. With that work ethic applied here at home, the opportunity for great success for The Philipino business owner is being wasted and given away to foreigners, many of whom may be future enemies!
The American thinking must change to compete in a changing world and…
the Filipino thinking must change before China eats this country alive!

Wake Up Filipino CEO’s, or go to your early financial grave!


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