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How Expensive Should A Rental Car Be???

If you’re just renting a car it doesn’t have to be the most beautiful new car in the world. A serviceable vehicle might be quite sufficient.

Consider what you really pay in America to own a car. Here’s how to determine your COST:

Add together your monthly payment, insurance payments for the car, insurance increase for life insurance if you know that number, annual cost of maintenance. (If you don’t know the average price is around $1200) and your average cost per gallon of gasoline.

Now you have to get a close estimate as to how many miles you actually drive each year. (Not what you tell the insurance company; what you know to yourself.) so now cost/mile means you divide the cost by the miles.

As an example let’s assume your annual cost to own this car came to $3964 divided by miles (I’ll assume you drive at least 12,000 per year.) So in this case your cost worked out to 25 cents per mile (US $ and cents here). My estimate can be FAR different compared to yours, especially if you’re in England or Europe. But the point of this exercise is that it might cost less to rent a car than it costs to use your own!

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