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Look! Everything About Your Life Is New!

Jesus Teaching


Look! Everything About Your Life Is New!

Whenever any person becomes a new creature in union with Christ, he or she becomes a new person altogether. There is a whole new creation whenever a person comes to be in Christ. The effect is the old life is passed away and a new life has begun. Everything becomes new in Christ. The person who is in Christ and has experienced the new birth is a part of the new creation.
“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).
We are new creatures in Christ Jesus. There has been a re-creation in which God has given us a new set of senses, values, and spiritual principles.
Before we were spiritually blind, now we see with spiritual eyes, and we see all things new.
Before we were spiritually deaf and we could not hear God’s Word, and now we have a new set of spiritual eyes and we hear and respond to the Holy Spirit. (I myself have been shocked by so many people who hear and do not understand. The truth is laid before them but they do not comprehend until the Holy Spirit has come into their lives.)
Before our minds were in spiritual darkness, and we said what God calls “bad” as good. Many see that which is obviously Good and say it is Bad. Calling good as bad and bad for good is a true sign the person speaking is overtaken by the devil’s influence! This is not a “cultural” mores difference or a psychological problem. It is demonic influence!
Now we have the mind of Christ and we see the difference between that which is good and that, which is evil. Our minds are now being renewed day by day.
Before receiving Christ many of us can say our hearts were hardened to spiritual truths, and we hated, or at least feared and ignored God and thought foolishness about the things of God. Now God has changed us so that our hearts which were tough and without empathy or sympathy for the needs of others and the right ways of god are at last now made alive to the things of the Spirit.
Before we were spiritually dead, and now we have become new creatures in Christ Jesus and become spiritually alive. I will tell you, Dear Seeker, I was one seeking for most of my life. I took one mind expansion course after another, self-hypnosis, Scientology, other studies. Nothing gave me the freedom of understanding and the benefits I’ve received from Bible study and prayer through The Christ Jesus to Yah, the True and Living God.
Before The Holy Spirit came to us, we were a people without hope and now we have a living hope in Christ. Apart from the resurrected living Christ, we cannot have any true hope of anything beyond our grave. And….I believe many people intuitively know that, and that is why they fear death and attempt to extend the dying process as long as miserably as possible. I fear a painful, miserable death. I fear to be tortured or burned or drowned unto death but I do not fear death. I am not afraid that when my spirit and body are separated it will be terrible for me and I’ll enter eternal punishment. No! I look forward to the world to come through the grace and kind generosity of Our Christ, Jesus!
Before we were without God in this world and now we have come to a living relationship with the one and only true God. We were separated from Christ and without God, but now we have an intimate personal love relationship with Him. And we can consider ourselves fortunate indeed, because for at least 4,000 years people the world over needed to reach to God through a high priest and sacrifices and they hoped in the end after all their prayers and sacrifices they would be “gathered to their people” and finally the energy of their lives would be returned to God. But now, after Jesus died on that cross and the curtain across the Holy of Holies split in two we can come directly to God, boldly before his throne and give thanks and request help in our lives. This was made possible by the power of the sacrificial blood and promises between God and The Living Word who became Jesus the Christ. At last no more animal sacrifices. At last the Day of Atonement is finished! At last, through the blood of “Jesus Christ,” We Are Rescued from this awful, menacing world. We shall be saved.
We were “dead in our trespasses and sins,” but now in Christ we are made alive and have been brought near through the blood of Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:13).
God has brought us near to Himself through the atoning blood of Jesus. There are no other legitimate means of coming into His presence.
Before we were “cut off” and “excluded from the citizenship of Israel,” but now we are no longer foreigners and aliens but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of God’s household” (2:19). Now we are citizens of heaven and sons of God. SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD and will be raised by God as His children and will mature to Become Like Him!
Before we were cut off from the covenants and promises of God, but now we are “members of one body, and together we share in the promises in Christ” (3:6).
Before we were “without God,” but now we are “members of God’s household” (2:19-20). Members of God’s Family, adopted chidren of The Lord God, Creator of The Universe, Creator of Our Lives, Creator of Eternity!!!
Please take a few moments and draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and think about what your life was like before you became a Christian. In the other column list what it has been like since Christ changed your life. This is what my life was like before I became a Christian, and this is how it is since I put my faith in Christ to save me. Now these are the changes Christ has brought about in my life. Then take a few moments and reflect upon what you shall be like when Christ returns, or when He calls you home in death to be with Him in heaven.
What a great new life we have in Christ!   inspirational notes 
But soft, wait ye a moment longer! Have you accepted The Christ Jesus and asked for The Holy Spirit into your life? If “No” please see this link next.

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