Mental Fragility or Fearless Motivation?

Most of this American generation quits the second they get meet resistance or criticism. Even when the critique is intended to show them how they can do better, they take it as a personal affront and walk away, frightened like tiny children of their own shadow.

It’s easy to be great nowadays, because most people are weak. The Western world has developed a softened generation that gives up at the slightest view of resistance.

If you have any mental toughness, intelligence, ability, if you have any fraction of self-discipline… the courage to fight through in the face of danger and carry on even when you don’t want to, even do what you hate to do, you’ll reach your goals and find success.

God predicted this centuries ago. We are giving every imaginable excuse to our children, telling them “you have a disease, it’s not your fault!” about anything.
You can’t stop spending money when you have a credit card in your hands. Poor dear. You have a disease.
You can’t make yourself stick to your work and produce something valuable. Poor dear. You have a disease.
You can’t accept that you’re a male. It seems so much softer, warmer, more pleasant, and easier to be a female. Poor dear. You were born half and half. You’ll need some time to define yourself.
You’re angry with all the huge corporations who won’t communicate with you, so now you feel a need to punish someone. Pick up a gun, go into a building and shoot people who had NOTHING to do with your upset. Good! Now you’ve killed two and wounded three more and now, poor dear, you will be happier after you kill yourself.
The New Psychology combined with a Hegelian Dialectic is intended to give everyone an excuse to be a “nobody,” …. Just more of the world’s walking “Plankton.”
The new generations are comprised of individuals who crumble the moment something goes wrong in their lives. As soon as something goes wrong they seek therapy. The Therapist gives them a prescription, Not to FIX the problem, but instead to MASK the problem, cover, obfuscate, rename, and redefine the problem.
I don’t know very much about most of the world’s toughest leaders like President Rodrigo Duterte, for example. But I have the distinct impression if that man had been a Filipino military officer he would have led the platoon, kicked down doors, fired first and asked questions later, solved problems, and saved lives. In truth, Mr. Duterte has been the first in history to tell the U.S. President Obama to go to Hell and take most of his corrupt politicians with him. Then he said to the EU something like, “Hell is too crowded (with the Americans) you can all go to Purgatory!”
He worked as a prosecutor for several years and worked his way up to that position. He has seen crime and corruption, and been frustrated by the defense of it, from the inside out and decided before he is too old and out of energy to rescue his country and make a difference he was going to punch a few noses, kick down a few doors and make some changes. Love or hate his methods, they are effective.
He worked through the system and saw no positive effect. He did it his “uncivilized” way and is bringing civility and healing back to his country. You have to admire a man with the courage to do that, just as you must admire the surgeon who has the courage to excise the infected tissue in an attempt to save the rest of the body!
So a motivational speaker asks, “How about giving strategies to strengthen the mind” — instead of giving drugs and excuses to dull the mind?
It’s your life and you have some choices you MUST make. Doing NOTHING, is doing something. It’s laying down and letting the forces of evil roll over you. It’s letting your talent, ability, and intelligence waste away when it was intended by your Creator to be used for good, to save families, save communities, save lives, give hope, improve economic conditions, and tell corrupt governments because of the evil they perpetrate and insidiously spread, to find their way down the long smooth highway to Hell and go through that gate, because we don’t want their dubious help any more.
It’s your life and the ugly truth is YOU are the only one who wants you to be miserable, weak and sickly. God gains no glory from it. He says you should follow His Way and keep his commandments and he will protect you from the enemy who would devour you. But, you see, I just said something the liberals don’t want spoken. They want you convinced God is mythology and the dark writers of what became Communist theory have the true reality.
The true reality is, you can do wonders to help the world. A few of Satan’s Minions want you to remain miserable. They want you angry and in lust and living by lies.
YOU are in command of how you will respond to any emotional stimuli. You can choose to be angry or sad or ignore someone when he hurls rotten eggs at you. You can choose to believe there is no hope and no opportunity, or you can observe and find needs, and then think of ways to be well paid to fulfill those needs. Certainly in a world with a population of nearly 7-Billion people there must be a need somewhere that you can fulfil and be paid to help others solve their problems.
I am fortunate to be in brief, occasional contact with a man acclaimed to be the world’s greatest presently living advertising and marketing genius. Not only is he great at what he does, he’s as honest as the stability of the rock of Gibraltar. He tells us; The biggest problems new advertising writers have is that they don’t read and study enough.
After you get done with your “general education” you must specialize. Don’t stop learning. What the teachers did over that 12 or 16 or 18 or 20+ years is teach you how to learn! So, now go and learn some more!
Take responsibility, dive deep into personal development, spend some serious time every day doing some self-analysis.
Don’t point at everyone else and say it’s his/her fault. Poke your own chest and ask, “What is wrong with Me?” What can I do to change? Why am I so constantly suspicious and frightened of everything and everyone? Why do I think it is necessary for me to control others? Do I really imagine I can fight everyone, tell them what to think, where to look, what to say, what to want, how to move, how to act, what their job is step by step????
I once passed a woman in a grocery store here in The Philippines. She was not the typical Asian young woman. She was more like a European, big, tall, broad hips, broad shoulders and with bouncing curves that stopped traffic. I’m a human, a male, and inherently sinful. so….
I looked.
Behind her following was an old, small, skinny, brown man who looked at me with a deep frown. I laughed in my mind as I passed on. “Old man? Can you fight 10,000 men and win? Good luck because 10,000 of them will look at her whether you like it or not!”
It’s her life. She can decide to be an honest wife to the young man she was walking with, or she can decide to be dishonorable. Either way, truth is, the brown, wizened old Papa, honorable as he might be, can never control her. He can’t save her and usher her into The Heavenly Kingdom. She’s an adult now and she is the one who will decide how she will respond to every emotional stimulus.
Those that crumble when things get rough have failed to realize, the criticism is intended to help you do better, learn more, treat customers better, motivate them to buy, teach me to be a better writer, or teach me that I’m too old to sing as sweetly as I did years ago and now I should focus on what I can do.
They that crumble are not responding properly to the emotional stimulus. Don’t be angry with the critic. Do something with that information to improve yourself or your business! The critic is actually complementing you by paying attention to your work, and giving you ideas about how to make it more successful. So, we should be thankful for the unexpected critique!
The problem is not with everyone else. It’s with you. You’ve just been convinced you should give up when the going gets rough. Thank God for ALL things because the difficult moments are what make us grow. The pain is what we push through to develop knowledge and ability, to eliminate problems and clear the way for a better tomorrow!
The first push should be that self-analysis I mentioned. Ask yourself WHY am I angry, frightened, and feeling incapable? What first steps can I take to prove to myself that I can, rather than telling myself repeatedly that I can’t and that “there is no chance for me?”
Do you suppose Jesus the Christ and His disciples enjoyed walking those rough paths, sometimes hungry, often wet, or too cold, or too hot? They pressed on. The night He would be arrested and mercilessly beaten He first prayed for a way to avoid it. But prayer is not intended to change God’s mind. It is intended to change the mind of the one praying! So he ended saying, if the cup of bitterness cannot be avoided, then Let Your Will Be Done!
The Bible is replete with stories of men and women who did The Lord’s will when they were frightened, when they were tired, when they wanted to run away, when they thought they didn’t have the speaking ability for the work, when they would be ashamed to be seen or known for doing some of the things they did. But The Lord knew what was good for them and how His direction would be for the best good of the prophet and the society and kings to which he spoke.
From the long timeless view on high, God saw that the pain people would endure in our present, would yield a greater future, and the wisdom we so desperately need.
When he said, “My people perish for lack of wisdom/knowledge” he meant it for many generations, for many people, for all of us. And we will continue to perish until we turn away from doing things our way, and return to doing things God’s way.
Tell yourself the truth.
Look in the mirror and acknowledge that YOU are the problem. When you do that you’ll be able to grow into the person that is capable of achieving all those things you want.
YOU are the problem, you are the issue, you are the one who says, “I can’t, I’m tired, I’m scared, I’m shy, I’m inadequate, I’m not tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, something enough.
The ONLY problem is your viewpoint. The package of beliefs you hold about yourself, is the problem. Your attitude is the problem. It is no one else’s fault! It’s yours!
Take a long careful look at that package. Tell yourself, “This is not me. This is MY Creation! I’ve done an excellent job of building this machine that tells me I’m useless and worthless and should sit down and do nothing until I fall into a hole and someone buries me. I’m going to think about every detail of this package and decide, I’m not going to give it my creative energy any more. I’m going to replace every detail of this package with something I prefer! THEN DO IT. Work on this every day for as long as is necessary, which might be years, and might be for the rest of your life.
So the good news is; You are the cause and YOU are the CURE. You have the solution to cure what ails you.
That statement should change your life. If you have courage you can kill your personal dragon by the power of prayer and the request of help from the Holy Spirit. Only those without courage remain an average, complaining “do nothing.” Do you see the irony? The person who complains the most is the least successful and the one to be most ignored.
You are your only problem and YOU are the only solution.
Sure, big things happen. Tragic losses, things which it seems you don’t deserve. But God knows about those things and you can rise out of that muck and mire too.
It would be terrible for me to go blind, but somehow I could rise out of it, if only to make the rest of my life constant prayer and meditation upon God and His Will for me.
I know of a wonderful young healer who stopped her car along a highway because she wanted to assist people who had just been in a terrible accident. Another car struck her! Now she is crippled and hope seems afar off. But even for her, there is something. There is God and an eternal future. She can speak, she can write, she can teach, she can guide, she can meditate and pray. Why did it happen? God only knows. Did she deserve it?  I wouldn’t imagine so, but God knows the reasons, and maybe the causes are simply Satan’s insanity.
Most of us, we are one job loss away from a break down. One relationship break up away from depression. One illness away from total financial ruin. For such people, one argument ruins their entire week. They can’t say, “It’s over and done and now I’ll go on. They focus on it and foam at the mouth over it for a week.” Did God give you life to behave this way? I think He did not. You were born with a healthy mind but allowed it to become corrupted and now you fear your own shadow.
YOU have to decide, I’m OK being Me an I’m happy to be Me. You must accept yourself and if you’re unhappy with your job or your physical fitness quotient or your lack of knowledge, you’ll just work on getting from where you are to where you want to be.
Well, suppose you want to be a concert quality pianist and only become a very good pianist. The pleasure came in the hours of practice and the self-satisfaction of seeing and hearing improvement. If you arrive at age 85 and still cannot do what other more formally trained musicians can do, you can still enjoy pleasing a smaller audience and be satisfied.
You didn’t fail. You just got as far as you could go. Life in God is eternal. You’ll never fail until you give up. If you want to continue playing in The Heavenly Kingdom, you can and you will surpass the goal you had in mind! And so it is the same in all events. Don’t look for your failures. Look at your successes and move forward from there.
Small steps add up and finally handle even big problems.
Those who love you (and there are many whom you don’t realize think of you) want you to be happy. They want you to move on and do more with your life.
Come to realize that living in pain and holding onto resentment, is letting the person who insulted you or slighted you, be the winner.
But letting go and LIVING your life, LOVING your life, is evidence that you’re a winner and a leader! That is the real demonstration of you saying, “I will not allow you to own or control any piece of my mind and spirit! You will not control me with your personal psychological baggage. This is my life and I am in control of how I respond, how I feel and what I think.”
That demonstrates true courage and mental strength.
Pain, suffering, and even failures – are all a part of EVERY single person’s life. We each of us must pass through our veil of tears for God’s own good reasons. He knows everything and knew your every thought from before you were conceived. So we must trust He knows why we go through our difficulties.
Why do some suffer more than others? That also is God’s decision for His good reasons. It is just some of the part we play in the drama called “life.”
Some choose, consciously or unconsciously, to live in their pain, and some DECIDE to move on. Your best decision is, “I deserve to move on. This is not me. I’m not going to continue to give this my creative energy. I’ll watch it turns into a fog and evaporate before my eyes. Now I am replacing it with what I prefer.”
Mental strength comes from those struggles, the motivation for it to form is the pain we experience. The calluses on our fingertips come with the pains of learning to play the guitar. It just comes with the territory. Mental strength develops thanks to fears and pains. It is increased when you REFUSE to give up while most others would.
Adversity and resistance continue to appear as you keep going. The Devil hates your success and when things get tough, say out loud, “I love this. I am so thankful to know that I am so effective, I’ve got your attention. I am doing something that threatens you and you are showing me that I am worthy of your attention and anger. So, I will claim the power of the sacrificial blood of Jesus the Christ. I bind the demons that cause this difficulty and I send them to the bottom of the deepest sea to remain there until The Lord calls for them. Now GO!” …and go they will because go they must!
When the situation seems impossible there are two possibilities. You need to work harder until you force it to go right, or you need to gather more information, and approach the solving of this problem in some other way.
PUSH ONE MORE TIME past what you thought was your limit. You can and you will defeat what resists you. The pain will die away and healing will complete. The new development of what you wanted and the emerging better YOU comes like a baby from his/her mother. The pains they both shared cease and now there is a new beginning, a dawning of a new life.
That demonstrates mental strength! It is intended to be YOUR strength.
EXCUSES are for those who want to give up. Greatness comes to those who refuse to be conquered.
Take responsibility for where you are now, and COMMIT to do what is honest, honorable and decent to make sure your future is better. You do have the choice. You can make excuses and stay where you are, or get worse…or, you can take responsibility, take action, and get where you need and deserve to go, and, you will grow in the process.
Will you serve the Devil or will you Serve The Lord? You Got To Serve Somebody.
What course of action will you take? Whom will you choose and what life path will you follow?
Dr. Stephen Newdell, April 5, 2018

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