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MIA August 2019 Reference Copy

In reference to several Bible prophesies about end times including Timothy 3 and the book Revelation of John this newsletter passed to me is for your further consideration. This is private for serious students of prophecy and geo-politics only. It is a privately subscribed letter and generally is purchased, however in this case I am allowed to show it to a few friends seriously interested in the issues of our time. Simply click the link to download this as a PDF file. I do not mess around with PDFs and make you jump through hoops. It simply downloads.

MIA August 2019


I also recommend these two sermons by John MacArthur

both of these are good. The first one is slightly longer but he speaks a bit faster and covers more ground so I liked that one better.

Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality (Selected Scriptures)


Campaign for Immorality (Selected Scriptures) 
John MacArthur Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality (Selected Scriptures)

I like this second speech because he answers today’s detractors who will say this is hate speech. He clearly explains to the contrary, he is saving the lost.




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