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Newt Gingrich PhD, Professor, past Speaker of the House of Representatives Delivers Reasons and Predictions

It’s was never about facts or the truth

We are living through a historic turning point in American history.
Many Americans want to keep building on the tremendous results we have seen since Republicans took control in Washington, while others, who are seeing their power and elite status wane, are bitterly fighting to resist, obstruct, and distort the Republicans’ success.
It is part of the same political-cultural civil war that I discussed in my New York Times best seller Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback.
You can see this fight over results versus resistance vividly in the assault Senate Democrats have executed to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has decades of exemplary service across the government. Many in the mainstream media are pretending that the Democratic attack was prompted by last minute, uncorroborated, 36-year-old allegations of sexual assault, but the offensive started much earlier – and quickly reached fever pitch.
The moment Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would retire in June, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats said President Trump’s nominee to replace him should not be confirmed until after the midterm elections. They were trying to fabricate a false equivalence between Kennedy’s replacement and the Republican refusal to hold confirmation hearings for Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s final Supreme Court nominee, ahead of the 2016 presidential election.
Once Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump, Schumer, seeing his first effort was ineffective, simply made clear that he was going to “oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have.” So far, he’s kept his word.
Democrats – including some on the Senate Judiciary Committee – quickly banded together for a joint press conference to get out the message that they opposed Kavanaugh because they suspected he would not support left-wing policies. There, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut told the victims of the school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida, that “Judge Kavanaugh is your worst nightmare.”
At a press conference with Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Senator Cory Booker said anyone who supported Kavanaugh’s confirmation was “complicit in the evil.”
In July – the same month Kavanaugh was nominated – Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office received a letter containing the sexual assault allegations by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Feinstein then conspired to keep the allegations secret and allowed Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing – and numerous interviews with senators – to carry on without raising the allegations. According to Feinstein, she was honoring Ford’s request that her identity remain confidential. At the same time, Democrats recommended lawyers to Ford who, according to Senator Tom Cotton, will now be investigated for blatantly lying to Ford and telling her that Senate Judiciary Committee staff wouldn’t come to interview her in California.
Then, when it became clear that Kavanaugh would be confirmed, Feinstein’s office apparently went into resistance mode, discarded Ford’s request for privacy in the name of political gain, and may have leaked her letter to the press. The leak, which is now being investigated, created the chaotic media circus that forced Ford and her family – as well as the Kavanaugh family – into the center of the political-cultural turmoil. And make no mistake: This is exactly what the leak was meant to do.
The uncorroborated allegation spurred more, which became more and more salacious and unbelievable. For a moment, the Democratic fear was replaced by hysterical rage.
Finally, with regard to the allegations, Senator Mazie Hirono told all “the men of this country” to “just shut up.” Then, Schumer said publicly that nominees being considered for the political appointments have “no presumption of innocence” – the most basic concept of the American justice system.
Now, the Democrats are beginning to realize that the uncorroborated allegations aren’t going to work, so they are going after how Kavanaugh characterized his drinking in high school.
This level of resistance is breaking the Democrats’ grip of reality – and it’s a pattern.
There are clear similarities between the Kavanaugh smearing and the investigation into so-called Russian collusion. It’s not about evidence. It’s not about facts. It’s not about what’s good for America. It’s about doing anything possible to support resistance against President Trump and the Republican agenda.
What the Democrats don’t realize is that the election this fall is not going to be about President Trump — it’s going to be about what kind of America we want to become.
This is a big, historic choice for American voters. They will have the opportunity to choose between Republican results and Democratic resistance.
They will choose between having a better, fairer international trade system (see Trump’s success with replacing NAFTA) or the old international-interest trade regime that closed American factories and drove jobs out of our country.
They will choose between continuing massive job growth in almost every industry or returning to the special interest, high-regulation policies that killed job growth for eight years under Obama.
They will choose between tax cuts that allow families of four earning the average median income to keep over $2,000 annually or a left-wing, high-tax bureaucratic system that will keep more taxpayer money and distribute it according to Washington’s wishes.
They will choose between a practical, common-sense approach to lowering the cost of health care while keeping your choice of doctor and insurance and a one-size-fits-all government system that costs too much and is controlled by Washington bureaucrats.
They will choose between having safe borders and safe children or having lawlessness and so-called sanctuary cities – which are safe havens for MS-13 and other dangerous multinational gangs that are helping to fuel the opioid epidemic, which is killing more than 40,000 Americans per year.
Make no mistake: This is a big choice about what kind of country we are going to become, what kind of history we want to make, and whether we want results or resistance.
See Newt speaking HERE 
(SN)  I’m not the only one calling for law, order, and moderate debate and compromise. Here are comments from another discussion along the same lines.
Valerie Zanoni Robert, This is a vote for Due Process and Constitutional law more than a judge who has had his character bombarded with smears worthy only of tabloid smears.
We can restore political debate, or we can live in the world of Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti. We can abandon our sons or support both sons and daughters.
This loss of reason and American law and order has to stop
Democrats have done great damage to the Senate that will take years to undo…”
The most depressing thing about what is happening, whether to do with Kavanaugh or just destroying Trump, is that the perpetrators don’t seem to care about the damage they are doing to the country. Dividing the country and destroying the social fabric is no small thing; it will have far reaching consequences. Heather MacDonald tells us in a parallel op-ed how it has already poisoned the minds of law students at some of our most prestigious law schools.
One has to be extraordinarily stupid not to see that Kavanaugh is a great jurist and that the Democrats engaged in professionally orchestrated character assassination. What really gets to me is how the mainstream media led by MSNBC and CNN have participated in the destruction of an apolitical man and his family, including two young daughters. It has been a grotesque spectacle. The left has no decency.
This has been painful to witness, and the Democrats smugly smirk as they repeat the same talking points over and over. Not only are the Democrats vicious, they are fools if they think no one catches on to what they’ve been up to with their ridiculous claims. This is a turning point, and the Democrats probably just lost the midterm elections and the country for a generation with their false claims.
Stephen Newdell Many thanks for this Valerie. We are 100% in agreement. I’m guessing you know better than I how many laws are being broken by assaulting people, assaulting police, threatening the President, Threatening to overthrow the government, threatening high government officials, inciting to riot…and more. Why these people are not arrested and jailed I do not quite know but I suspect there’s a reason. I expect perhaps a replay of 90-years ago Germany and it’s going to be historically unpleasant.


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