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News Headline:  61 People Brutally Killed Including Pastors, Priests and Nuns:….

October 2018

According to Open Doors USA, in nations totaling almost 40% of the world’s population, over 215 million Christians are experiencing persecution. These numbers are rising dramatically every year.

There is more persecution of Christians now than ever in history. Persecution becomes more universally common annually.  

Where Christianity is illegal, forbidden, or severely punished one in twelve Christians worldwide is now experiencing persecution for their faith. Most commonly victimized are girls and women.

As just one example of the dramatic increase in Christian persecution around the world, in Nigeria the killing of Christians by Muslim extremists increased by 62% in just the last year. These numbers do not include western nations; ie the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and much of Europe – where the political left and globalists (in cooperation with Muslims and LGBTQs) are imposing ever increasing restrictions on the free speech and activities of Christians. In other words, it’s a lot worse globally than the numbers indicate.

Out of 198 nations, 52 countries have outlawed the owning of Bibles. Imposition of severe social exclusions and imprisonment of Christians is now exploding all over the world. This is how the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany began, leading up to the Holocaust (extermination) of six million Jews. First they were marginalized in society; more and more restrictions were placed on their activities – including where they could work – and on their free speech. Finally, they were arrested and shipped in cattle cars to death camps. 

[If you ever visited any of the Nazi death camps in Germany, Poland, or across Europe (as this writer did a year ago) you would better understand the sobering reality of mass persecution of a religious group. Then it was the Jews – next (if current trends continue) it will be the Christians. For a graphic narrative of this great evil, read Corrie Ten Boom’s book The Hiding Place or view the movie by the same name.]


  1. OVER 100,000 CHRISTIANS WORLDWIDE ARE VIOLENTLY KILLED FOR THEIR FAITH EACH YEAR – Some observers believe that figure is on the low side. Many believe the more accurate estimate is more than 150,000 Christians killed each year for their faith. It’s hard to say for sure how many are killed, given that many victims “mysteriously” disappear from their homes, churches, etc. Are they dead? Held in labor camps? Sex trafficked? No records are kept or made public by the perpetrating countries (Muslim, Communist, or Hindu). The number could actually be 200,000 or higher. African governments probably do not have accurate information. China and North Korea are purposefully silent.
  1. CHRISTIANS ARE PERSECUTED IN AT LEAST 60 COUNTRIES – This figure comes from Open Doors USA, a Christian ministry operating worldwide. The group is well known for its annual World Watch List, outlining countries where persecution of Christians is most severe.

A few years ago, the list included 11 countries where Christians suffer “extreme persecution,” headed by North Korea, followed by Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. The Maldives, Mali, Iran, Yemen, Eritrea, and Syria round out the list.

Consider the Maldives: The obscure island nation in the Indian Ocean is the only country in the world where every citizen is required to be Muslim, according to Open Doors. The list for 2017 (under point C. on p. 5) has changed somewhat. India and Pakistan have moved up the list of Christian persecuting nations.

This pattern is similar to the Pogroms against Russian Jews in the years 1821 until the start of World War II. The government knew bands of men were going out murdering entire little villages, but they did nothing about it. In the same way now, in many South East Asian and African nations, the Christian population is being decimated. The government knows but says nothing, or says something like, “It’s an internal matter. We won’t discuss it.”


There is no safety in numbers for Christians at their place of worship in some countries.

Each year there are dozens of attacks around the world on Christian churches and their worshippers – even in the United States as the deadly Texas church shooting (that killed 26) last year demonstrated. These attacks are perpetrated mostly by Muslim radicals, although in India and Nepal government supported Hindu fundamentalists are attacking and burning churches, beating, imprisoning, or killing Christian churchgoers or pastors, burning Bibles, etc. Often Muslim or Hindu extremists beat men, women, and children leaving Christian services. Thousands of Christians are being beaten or killed in this manner each year in countries all around the world.


 Persecution can take many different forms. In some countries, Christians are discouraged from practicing their faith, or sharing the Gospel with others. In some countries, mere possession of a Bible can lead to execution.

There are several levels of persecution in between. 

In Pakistan, for instance, so-called “blasphemy laws” prohibit anyone from uttering negative comments about Islam. This opens such a broad avenue, any Muslim can claim anything was said, and murder anyone they wish – and often that is what happens.

In 2009, some Muslim laborers and a Christian named Asia Bibi had a disagreement about religion. Local authorities arrested Bibi, a mother of five, and tried her for “blasphemy.” A judge found her guilty and she

was sentenced to hang. Two high-level Pakistani government officials who spoke out in support of Bibi were assassinated for their statements. In Hindu Nepal, it is now a criminal (imprisonment) offense to share your Christian faith with a Hindu, or tell them about Jesus, or give them a Bible.


According to the US State Department Trafficking in Persons Report, as many as 27 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking (a euphemism for a much uglier term: modern slavery) with several million more added each year. The majority of these victims are bought and sold for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

A little-reported aspect of this gruesome trade is that Christians are frequently targeted, particularly in Muslim nations. In the last few years, thousands of refugees, many of them Christians fleeing persecution

in Eritrea and other African countries, have been captured by terrorists operating in the Sinai Desert. Thousands are murdered. Reports are spotty.

Muslims aren’t the only ones targeting Christians in this gruesome trade; in India, Hindu traffickers often victimize Christians.


Various estimates put the number of Christians facing human rights violations (i.e., persecution) at up to 215 million, or almost 10 percent of the total estimated Christians worldwide. If that were happening (all of it) in The USA, it would mean 61% of the population was being persecuted. You see how severe are these numbers.

In many countries, Christians are denied basic rights afforded even vicious criminals in Western nations. Christians are often imprisoned, detained and held indefinitely without charges. They are denied basic medical care. They are often tried in court without any legal counsel. Torture is common.

[ED. NOTE: This actually happened to a Nepalese Christian friend of this writer – who was tortured for 11 days and imprisoned for several months thereafter.]


In many countries where Muslims are a majority, those who proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ are suffering. Sometimes, this persecution is subtle, but that’s rarely the case in North Africa, where Muslim attacks on Christians have become bolder and more horrific in recent years – even in countries where Christians are a majority.

Christian persecution is exploding in Nigeria and the Central African Republic – where Muslim extremist groups (like Boko Haram) target little girls by the thousands, sell them into the sex trade, and thereby make millions to finance their operations. Muslim killing of Christians in

Nigerian persecution has increased 62% over the past year (according to Open Doors USA).

In the Central African Republic (CAR), the poorest nation in the world, even though Muslim terrorists are only 15% of the population (with Christians at 50%), the Muslims are well armed and financed, and are butchering Christians by the thousands right up through the present.

They are trafficking thousands of street children to finance their reign of terror. Over 80% of that nation is lawless and now controlled by Muslim terrorists – who show up in villages and rape, pillage, burn, and kidnap children.

Some are forced to become child soldiers. [This writer has a close friend with an organization innocuously called the African Wildlife Initiative (listed below) that is fighting back against this carnage.]

Here: is a link to other similar events, compiled by


The persistent persecution of Christians, especially in countries with a strong Muslim influence, has certainly discouraged many of the Christian faith from practicing in those areas. For one striking example, in the Middle East – the birthplace of Jesus Christ and the rise of Christianity – only four percent of the population is Christian. That figure stood at 20 percent a century ago, according to a study conducted by the Pew Forum.


Muslim violence against Christians in America is on the dramatic rise – although most of it is covered up by the controlled Establishment media and anti-Christian, pro-Muslim holdovers from the Obama regime.

Obama was/is a Muslim (as well as a communist) who brought hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the US during his eight years in office, scattered them into over a hundred communities all across America, and helped to promote Sharia law. Violence against Christians has since risen dramatically.

Considering that, and combined with the powerful political left’s hatred for Christians and the homosexual/transgenders’ anti-Christian agenda, we can expect growing restrictions on Christians’ free speech and activities in the US. This is most obvious in the public school system, as well as the US military where the LGBTQ and pro-Muslim elements are moving rapidly to stifle Christian free speech and freedom of worship.

Indeed, Muslims have had more freedoms in the US public schools than Christians. (i.e., They can pray and have their Korans at school with them – Christian prayer and Bibles are strictly forbidden!) If a leftist Hillary Clinton-type becomes president in 2020, the persecution and stifling of the freedoms of Christians in America will accelerate dramatically.

[ED. NOTE: An identical anti-Christian scenario is playing out in the UK and much of Europe today – where the political left, globalists, and gay/lesbian/ transgender movements have a strangle-hold on those countries and are also pushing the radical Muslim agenda.]  


The aforementioned World Watch List has ranked North Korea No. 1 for each of the past 11 years as the most dangerous place in the world for Christians. Religions of all type are forbidden in this communist dictatorship, but Christians face especially cruel punishment. While public executions of Christians are relatively rare, thousands of Christians are seized each year and sentenced to hard labor. Open Doors estimates that up to 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in what it calls “concentration camps.”

Despite this persecution, Open Doors estimates there is a persistent underground Christian movement in North Korea, with up to 400,000 members.

The same thing is true in China, where in spite of almost 70 years of persecution of Christians in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), there are it’s estimated over 100 million Christians in the underground church. At this writing, under the violently anti-Christian Hindu fundamentalist regime in India, the Christian church is being forced to go underground. The same is true in Hindu dominated Nepal.




If you’re a student of Biblical Prophecy as I have been for more than 20-years you expected this and understand what Islam truly is. It is a mirror image of Christianity. It turns everything good “backward.” Love becomes hate. Kindness becomes wickedness, respect becomes enmity, their “messiah” is the 12th Imam and so forth. If you study the history of Islam from the first of it with Muhammed you know he was very obviously demon possessed. What he said and did after that possession was more evidence of not just insanity. It evokes the image of a man possessed by a very powerful and intelligent demon bent upon murder and destruction.

It is no secret that Muslim jihadists are butchering Christians by the tens of thousands each year.

This includes groups like CIA-backed ISIS and other radical jihadists who are hanging, crucifying, beheading, and trafficking Christians across the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia. It is also no secret that Communists (notably: China, North Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cuba, and even some in the West), persecute or place severe restrictions on Christian activities, meetings, free speech, or ownership of Bibles.

And it should be understood that there are powerful leftist/globalist/Deep State forces within the US government and their controlled media (and other Western governments) who have a very anti-Christian agenda as part of their long-term strategy to destroy America and make it part of a one world government, one economic system and one world religion. The “New World Order.” 

But what is NOT understood by the great majority in the West (including most Christians), and which is almost totally ignored in the global media, is the explosion of persecution of Christians now going on in Hindu countries such as India and Nepal.

In India, fundamentalist Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi (who came to power in 2014 with the support of two fundamentalist Hindu political parties,) has openly vowed to destroy everything that is Christian in India by 2021. Backed by his government, Christian churches are being burned across India, Bibles are being seized or burned, pastors are being beaten, jailed, and in some instances killed.

Government pressure against all Christians is exploding. Most Christian orphanages are being closed and the children (mostly from the lowest Hindu caste – the Untouchables or Dalits) are being scattered to the wind – with many of these high-risk children being sex trafficked or factory-slave trafficked. Many will be living on the streets digging through garbage to try to survive – some will succumb to disease and finally die of exposure and starvation.

Compassion International has had 589 orphanages with 145,000 children closed down by this rabidly anti-Christian, despicably evil government.

India’s, fundamentalist Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi regularly travels to neighboring Nepal, where he dictates that country’s anti-Christian persecution policies to the Nepalese (fundamentalist Hindu) prime minister – whom he dominates. It is now a criminal offense (i.e., punishable by prison) to convert from Hinduism to Christianity in Nepal, to own a Bible, to tell people about Jesus, or to try to convert someone to Christianity. Clearly, the fastest-growing Christian persecution in the world is in India and Nepal, and yet the global media is almost totally silent about it. Most people worldwide (including most Christians) are clueless as to what is happening there.

(SN) Knowing what I do from other sources I would expect Prime Minister Modi is also controlling the religious views of Bhutan and Sekkim too. Sekkim borders Tibet in the north and northeast, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west, and West Bengal in the south. Sikkim is also located close to India’s Siliguri Corridor near Bangladesh. Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. These states have been Buddhist and Hindu for centuries, and never did tolerate Christianity.



Persecution takes different forms in different contexts. In some places, Christians are ostracized and marginalized from society. In other countries, Christians are attacked financially – having their assets confiscated and their earning ability curtailed. In many places, (especially Muslim countries) Christians face imprisonment, torture, and death simply because of their faith in Christ. In 52 of these countries access to the Bible is strictly prohibited – as has been the case in China for most of the last 70 years – and is true today in eight out of ten Muslim countries. Christians and their families face continual death threats in all the countries listed below.

1 NORTH KOREA – is the worst – according to Open Doors USA’s World Watch List. In North Korea if Christians are discovered, they will be deported to labor camps as criminals, or even killed on the spot along with their entire families. Up to three generations of a family can face imprisonment or death if one member of a family is caught with a Bible (according to Open Doors USA).

2. AFGHANISTAN – Christians can disappear and never be seen again. Christian converts are thrown into insane asylums or worse. Christians are often kidnapped and killed. Christians and their families face death threats in all of these countries as well as indefinite detention and brutal interrogations.

3. SOMALIA – Upon discovery, Christians are often killed on the spot. Christians are severely persecuted by their families and the community at large. There may be less than a thousand Christians in Somalia.

4. SUDAN – The government regularly arrests and intimidates Christians. A mention of your Christian faith is considered “an act that encourages apostasy against Islam.” There are an estimated 1,995,000 Christians in Sudan. For a link to an excellent organization fighting this persecution and defending Christians in Sudan, check out the Persecution Project.

5. PAKISTAN – In Pakistan, Christians are only allowed to hold jobs that are considered to be dirty or shameful (i.e., street cleaning, handling dead bodies, cleaning sewers, prostitution, much like the restrictions put on the lower castes in India). There are an estimated 3,958,000 Christians in Pakistan. Christians (when accused of violating Islamic blasphemy laws) can be beaten, jailed, killed, or “disappeared,” along with their entire families.

6. ERITREA (FORMERLY PART OF ETHIOPIA) – Christians are regularly arrested, kidnapped, killed, or “disappeared.” They and their families face continual death threats. There are an estimated 2,741,000 Christians in Eritrea.

7. LIBYA – has an estimated 41,000 Christians who face the same sort of persecution described above.

8. IRAQ – Christians and their leaders are arrested and imprisoned long term “for violating blasphemy laws” by telling someone about Jesus. Since America’s deadly war in 2003 to overthrow Saddam Hussein (in which over a million Iraqis ultimately died), persecution of Christians in Iraq has increased 10-fold. Under Saddam’s reign, Christians were actually allowed to broadcast Easter services on Iraqi national television. There are an estimated 258,000 Christians in Iraq today.

9. YEMEN – which is under severe attack by Saudi Arabia (aided by the US) has only a few thousand Christians and is totally closed to Christianity.

10. IRAN – Being a Christian or Christian leader can get you arrested for “crimes against national security.” There are an estimated 800,000 Christians in Iran. (For a realistic portrayal of life in Shiite dominated Iran, watch the Sally Field film: “Not Without My Daughter.” 

Open Doors USA ranks

  • INDIA #11 in persecution severity (was #15 a year earlier);
  • SYRIA #15; and
  • VIETNAM #18.

Persecution of Christians in Syria has become much worse since America’s war to overthrow the Syrian government and support for the jihadist rebels – including ISIS. Christians have fled Syria by the tens of thousands.

While the American government has allowed many Muslim refugees from the region to enter the US, it is preventing Christian refugees fleeing the persecution and upheaval in that region from entering. This fact begs many questions of many important people in our State Department!


Persecution of Christians is now more common than it has ever been and it grows worse every year!

Estimates vary, but in it is likely 200,000 Christians were killed (martyred) for their faith this past year. Christian persecution occurs now in 60 countries (out of a global total of 198), including China, India, Nepal, the Muslim countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and the communist countries. In total, about 40% of the world’s population is now exposed to growing anti-Christian persecution and violence. 

Considering Muslims now pouring into countries throughout the Western world among them the US, Canada, UK, and European nations, 50% of the peoples of the world will be feeling the impact (or will be victimized by) the growing anti-Christian dynamic.

S Newdell commentary: 
I noted a British woman reporter speaking in Warsaw on Facebook. She said Poland allows no Muslim immigrants and she is safe walking through Warsaw day and night. She called Warsaw a mirror of Paris during the Pre-Muslim days.)
While citizens of these nations hope and expect their politicians to protect and help them, in fact Western politicians cater to anti-Christian religious demands and to the growing left wing (atheistic) dogma, claiming to seek Democracy, Equality and Peace. What they are bringing instead is a rapid exacerbation of Christian Persecution. It is likely soon 50% of the world will be exposed to anti-Christian lawlessness, persecution, harassment and violence. 

Let’s  remember that the infamous tutor of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was Saul Alinsky, who preached the Gramsci/communist strategy for the destruction of America and the West, which focused upon undermining our patriotism, our morality, our culture, and our spiritual life.

Joseph Stalin also said that America’s great strength was its patriotism, morality, and spiritual life – and that all three must be destroyed before the US could be toppled.

SN:  This is the real reason Hillary Clinton won’t stop talking, and why Maxine Waters and other “super Leftists” continue to stir the hornet’s nest inciting to riot in the US streets, which is a felony. Why are these people allowed to continue to make trouble this way? Why hasn’t the Federal government recognized these people want to overthrow the government? (A federal felony.) What’s really going on in secret allowing this to continue? Meantime, the President says little about it! This inquiring mind wants to know. I think we need by executive order, a major crackdown and I fear it is coming. The problem is, after they crack down on all the rioters and put them in outdoor holding pens, who else is next? Will they arrest all the elderly, and unemployed, and past felons, and Jews, and Catholics, and Christians, and sickly, crippled, and mentally disabled and anyone who writes critiques like this one? Where will it stop? God Only Knows!

Communists (who revel in being atheists) hate and revile everything that is Christian and will do everything in their power to undermine and stifle Christianity in America and the West. Why they do may leave one incredulous. I (Newdell) have drawn the conclusion these people are actually “demon influenced” or indeed “possessed.”

Forget all the horror movie scenes of possessed people turning their head around 360 degrees, spitting up blood and nails. Remember instead the Old and New Testament historic stories of religious leaders, requiring people to sacrifice babies, waging war against captives of Judea, setting up alters to Ba’al’s on every street corner, under every shady tree and on every high hill. Remember the characters who ranted and ran naked in cemeteries and who raved against Jesus Christ and later against the Apostle Paul and his friends. Those were the real actions of demon possessed people. Call them psychotic if you wish. It makes little difference. Their actions are destructive to themselves and others, and by their fruits I know them as “demon influenced” people.

Consider the displays of political rancor in America today, and the rise of lawless gangs ruling the streets, directing traffic, replacing police with their own brand of vigilante law, and influencing little school children that they should reconsider their gender and even perhaps have sex with adults. These are not your garden variety neurotics. These are full blown psychotics. St. Paul said we are all born with a healthy mind and the mind is then altered after birth by Satan and his minions. What other activities do you want, what other signs do you seek before you finally admit to yourself, that your definitions of a demon possessed person are a bit nebulous and uncertain.

Could you right now, this moment, write down a scientific definition of the expected actions of a demon possessed person? I seriously doubt 1 in 500 readers could do so! If that is the case, then why are you this moment searching your mind for another explanation?

You might wish you could just this moment argue to my face and say I must be wrong. Fair enough…. Then tell me what is the RIGHT definition. What are the right pathognomonic signs of a demon possessed lunatic?

If you have no answer you has better calm yourself now and face the truth of your situation. You have been led astray. You have been left in confusion about the issue. Your own political leaders are trying to destroy your country and your society because they are not simply misguided by a few hollow college theories — They are influenced by the dark side of forces unseen of which you have heretofore denied existence!

Remember the horrific persecution of Christians and Jews in the former Soviet Union and the other communist countries, including China. Anyone who truly respects and loves The True and Living God is singled out. He glows with a light some can see or feel. If they love God they are attracted to the light. If they hate God they seek to snuff out the source of the light. 

Author & Researcher Donald S. McAlvany  states he has personally known over a dozen Christians who suffered cruelly under that persecution including Richard Wurmbrand and Dumitru Duduman. 

He reminds us that we have many communists, leftists, globalists and members of the Deep State Establishment who hate Biblical Christianity and all the freedoms it stands for, and they dominate much of the US government, and our “privately owned” media, including the Internet; and entertainment industry. 

I tell you to count amongst them many Jews who also love The Lord but are confused about doctrine. They too are a target of the established politicos who hate readers of The Bible and understand its hidden truths and admonitions toward decent behavior and love and respect for God.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the epitome of this anti-Christian/anti-traditional values mindset. 

However, beyond the obvious Muslim, Hindu, Communist, leftist Christian-haters is a power which is even darker, more sinister, more powerful, and more dangerous to religious freedom in our day.

If you study the origins of the Illuminati (founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776), they were Satan worshippers followers of Lucifer, the Illumined One. There was a totally occult, supernatural, Satanic dynamic behind their globalist drive for world government – and, in this writer’s opinion, there still is today.

Remember, that one of the major architects of the political left’s strategy to bring America down was the communist Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer” (the Bible says God changed his name from “Lucifer” (Light Bearer) to Satan which means Destroyer.

Two of this century’s most powerful, influential, leftist political leaders (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) were both personally mentored by Alinsky. The conclusion drawn by Mr. McAlvany is, much of the rapidly spreading anti-Christian persecution proliferating around the world today is being energized by the dark spiritual (Satanic) forces Jesus (and Apostle Paul) warned about in Matthew 24, II Thessalonians 2:3-12; Ephesians 6:10-12; and which Apostle John brought up again in the book “Revelation.”

(We recommend you review these passages.)

We strongly suspect that the persecution of Christians all over the world (including in America and much of the West) is going to get a lot worse – indeed, will continue to exacerbate dramatically.

Sadly, most Americans cannot conceive of such a scenario. But just ask someone who has lived in Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, or some communist country – or under Muslim or Hindu persecution, and they will give you a very different (and sobering) perspective.

  • Storm Warning: The Coming Persecution of Christians and Traditionalists in America by Donald McAlvany (available at
  • Dimitru Duduman’s Through the Fire Without
  • Burning; Richard Wurmbrand’s Preparing for the Underground Church; and
  • Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place will give readers additional perspective on the coming persecution and how to prepare for it.

(And see some of the persecution websites listed earilier Persecution Project, Open Doors USA, and the African Wildlife Initiative.

This article was developed using notes from:   The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, edited by Donald S. McAlvany: A monthly analysis of global economic, monetary, and geopolitical trends that impact the gold and precious metals markets. It is explicitly Christian, conservative, and free-market in its perspective. Information contained herein has been carefully selected from sources believed reliable, but absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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