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Restoring Respect For Life!


Yesterday Donald Trump gave the FIRST Presidential address to “The March For Life.” He is the first President to speak against the abortionists and the legal ruling allowing this open worship of Baal. I think this is an historic moment in our lives.
See it all HERE:
This is the beginning of the end of Baal Worship. The Non-Governmental Agency that should never have been, (Planned Parenthood) but has been supported by US tax payors, has spread the evil of abortion across the entire world. Trump is doing God’s Work as we hear it and he is really opposing abortion.
My friend Yaoshi Ai Yiyue writes: “God will always reign, His glory will always prevail”
This is amazing. We have a CHRISTIAN President who means what he says. He has been something of a roughen some of his younger life but the Holy Spirit has changed him and he has taken up Bible study and change in the White House. The socialists hate him and we’re watching him as the point man, the front shield for God’s Work.
The Evil One is losing ground. The Spiritual Warfare is coming to land near you! 
Let we faithful continue in prayer for God’s Power and Glory to Reign and Prevail and put Satan to his miserable end as God sees fit.
Remarkably, less than a week ago the liberals were screaming that Mr. Trump was mentally incompetent. Today I watched him give a speech that was clear, cogent, and it did not appear that he was reading a monitor. It appeared to have been spoken from memory. I’m impressed. At age 70, that man is more alive and capable than many men at age 20.
The “Libtards” are looking more like fumbling bumbling fools than ever!
I wish to remind you, dear reader, that abortion has been legal in the USA for 45 years. Can you wrap your mind around the idea that 60-MILLION babies have been murdered in the USA, mostly before birth, but many just after birth. And it goes on in China and other countries, in large measure, because “Planned Parenthood” (paid for with American tax dollars) has been telling the world this is the right way to population control. (As if there were no other methods?)
45-years, Millions of people who could have been your friends and mine, might have produced products to heal the sick and help the miserable. All wiped off the slate of life because someone deemed that sport sex and the inconvenient pregnancy is made acceptable and that respecting the value of life is nonsense.
The USA finally has a President with the courage to do God’s Will and I’ve never felt better about him as I do today… and I hope you will come to see his true heart and good value too.
I read both sides, the critiques and the complements. I’m on the complementary side. I think Mr. Trump is doing the right thing, at least in this case, and it all will come out right with prayer, with God’s help, and with a leader like Trump in the White House. sn



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