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Sample Ad Page #3 Sizes, Pricing, Market Demographics, Options

This page shows sizes first and explains how to calculate their price. Next I’ll cover options and expected demographics. This page will have a few corrections to verbage and pricing very soon.

Provide your ad as a jpg, png, or gif and I’ll be able to size it to fit perfectly.

I am reminding you: 

There will be additional technical improvements in weeks to follow but you will not pay anything more! I just lately got help to reduce margins and provide bigger ads with more visual impact. This is going to get better and better as I go along. Please get started with me so I can do more for you!


The approximate size 2″ x 2″ 

We may call this a “standard” 2″ x 2″ ad. It’s not exactly, and please understand, I am not a rule stickler lunatic about measurements. Yes! I’ll “give you a break!”  This example is actually closer to 2.5″ tall and 1.5″ wide. Close enough and I’ll ignore the slightly larger difference. I’ll make it fit and look good, and READABLE. I recommend a black border 1 – 3 pixels wide to make the ad stand out. Your graphic artist can set the pixel size so the ad will appear as he sent it, or order the size and I will make sure the ad is that size or perhaps slightly larger.

I put this together using Microsoft word. I do not own Photo Shop. Your artist should produce this and send it to me as a gif, png, or jpg type photo/file. This example is linked. if you click on it, it’ll take you to their page.

The standard 2″ x 2″ ad sells for $45.45/month = $499.95 for 11-months. I can invoice you  (as explained on the next page)  and if you’ll allow me to round up just 5 cents, you’ll pay $500 for the entire year, AND you’ll get the 12th month FREE. That is the lowest price I can offer.

Additionally, if the ad is slightly larger than 2″ x 2″ I’ll ignore that and run it anyway. (So you get much more than the value of your 5-cents).  No joking around here, this is really  a good offer for small business operators. For an author getting started this actually is a very reasonable price to reach a LOT of people repeatedly — and repetition really boosts sales.

I’m upset with the publishing industry pricing ads with such high prices that the small author or small baker cannot afford to advertise. S/He is pushed out of the market before s/he even gets a chance to start! I’m changing that. At a price like this you can afford to get started and smile as you see your advertising earn real profit for you.   Let’s use the same ad enlarged — just to help you see how to calculate size.


This could be YOUR book promoted as printed, or Kindle and PDF. This is a good way to earn money and promote yourself as a speaker or expert in any field.

This example is 3″ tall x 2″ wide. Ads larger than the 2″ x 2″ size sell for $12/(per) square inch/month. 

3 x 2 = 6 square inches.  6 x $12 = $72/month. $72 x 11 months = $792 for a 12 month run. I’m giving you the 12th month FREE.

From the previous page another example from New York Times magazine.

hanoi ad.jpg

I can make ads fit to the square inch measurement you want at $12/square inch per month. If your technician prefers to deal in pixel size that’s fine too.

This ad is approximately 3 inches tall x 10 inches long = 30 square inches.  30 x $12/month = just $360/month x 11-months = $3,960 for the entire year. You get the 12th month FREE. Make a request and an offer based on these numbers, if I’m outside your budget a little bit, I’m willing to online chat or email and invoice you for an agreed price. I want to get you started making profit!

(This $12/square Inch price is NOT on the home page. If you want some notice on the home page design a smaller ad for the home page. I’ll place it there and it can link to a bigger ad on other pages, or a full page just dedicated for you, or it can link to your website.)

I am measuring with a ruler against my monitor. This is NOT to be confused with the rendering of Microsoft Word 2010 which shows measurement bars on the top and left side. With them, 1 inch is actually 1.5 inches. That’s OK with me. You can order the size to be 3″ tall x 12″ wide, measured with a ruler. Example here: Actually renders at 100% on a monitor 3.5 x 11.75 inches. Just figure up the square inches x $12 and that’s the monthly price.

I can bargain with you a little bit so we both land on an agreed price. I can dicker about price and can also alter the length of time the ad runs to give you a bit more time at no charge! For example, you might agree to buy a year paid in advance and I’ll agree to give you an addition 3-more months after the end of the year FREE. And then of course the computer will send a reminder notice requesting that you continue for another year.

I’m buying technical help which will permit me to have an appearance very much like the NY Times Magazines. (I don’t agree with their liberal views, but their web design artist is excellent so I’m following his examples.) 

This ad is from the NY Times Magazine and I’ve hot linked it so you can see how it works. The Times magazine and mine will look like the same artist designed both. It’ll be very “professional” and the other Christian magazines won’t be able to compare to this. AND the other Christian magazines are niche magazines and mine is a general interest magazine with many different topic areas. That’s why we will draw a larger audience, and more people who will try a few visits to your church.

Pasta ad 3.5 x 11.75

Ask to make it a little larger for a slightly higher price. I’ll be flexible with you. All the big publications are doing this now. Let’s do some business and help one another.

I invite you to look around at what other advertising costs and you’ll see you’re getting much more here and paying far less.

Look further down this page for special placement pricing.

So now you understand.  The calculation is easy, and I’m willing to be flexible about measurements. Just measure for square inches. Multiply square inches x $12 = the price per month. Multiply that figure x 11 = The price for the year. Send a proposal for it to [email protected] [The “Professional” address automatically forwards there anyway. This just makes it convenient for me to find everything in one place.  I’ll return an invoice from PayPal to your email. Follow the instructions. Pay the invoice with your bank card or Paypal account, and I’ll place the ad. We’ll send you a reminder to renew the ad 11-months from the date of placement.

Be aware I do not automatically run just anything. If the ad is inappropriate, of course I’ll say “no” to it. If the web page to which the ad links has been changed, that is out of my hands. But, if someone tells me they advertised a Bible and later they promote what we both know to be evil I’ll look to confirm, then kill the ad and blacklist that client. In such a case there would be no refund. 


HeavensWay2022Magazine is a fresh, new, interesting medium offering a General Interest magazine for the Christian, and Messianic Family.

The website covers a variety of subjects free of salacious and otherwise sin-related material, among the subjects you’ll find Travel, Biblical Archeology, Health, Food Preparation Recipes, Science articles proving the Universe and all life was Created by God, Respect for Marriage and an occasional marriage counseling article, some commentary, God-Loving music videos, discussions about world politics related to geo-politics and prophecy…and much more.

We deliver honest, relevant commentary from a biblical perspective, covering a broad variety of interests to modern Christians and those considering turning away from “The World” to find the True and Living God.

The Theology Library For Students, Teachers and Pastors contains over 300 articles and continues to grow every week. It has inspiration for general readers, ideas for sermons for pastors and a lot of great material for any Bible student.


The Christian Reader is in general a thoughtful person and active in the  church body. Many own small businesses. The question about “marketing” to “Christians” is actually rather ridiculous. They buy what you buy!

They buy groceries, and visit the pharmacy and buy clothing, cars, books, weddings, house repairs …. and everything in between. They go on vacation and pay for restaurant meals and hotel rooms like everyone else. The difference is, they’re peaceful, quiet, respectful people – never raucous, drugged, drunk, or troublesome. The Christian customer is generally a person you would like to have as a repeat customer.

The Christian reader is an avid reader and purchases books, Bibles, Christian CDs, and DVDs. He’s often comfortably affluent, travels for pleasure, and gives generously to non-church ministries and charities.

Subscriber Expected Snapshot

The public you’ll reach is aware, and intelligent. They are watching world changes and preparing for difficult days in the future. What do they need that you can provide?

  • Male: 62%; Female: 38%
  • 74% between 25-64 years old
  • Average household income: $65,000
  • Gives an average of $2,500 per year to non-church Christian organizations

 Committed to Education

  • Attended college: 94%; Undergraduate degree: 78%; Graduate degree: 48%
  • Plans to continue education: 22%

Our monthly visitors (you may have seen the hit counter) adds up today’s visits, which may include Bots and Spiders feeding information to search engines. We see an increase in readership every week both at the magazine and at the Facebook page. We’re expecting at least 70,000 readers visiting several times each month by Mid July 2018. We expect continued growth thereafter and the numbers will be reflected in the advertising information pages as they are tallied from Google Analytics and other analytical sources. 

Special Location Ad Pricing

Placement on Home Page  Price/sq inch is presently just $36/square Inch. To be on the home page of a magazine website or the cover of any magazine would cost you THOUSANDS elsewhere. Maximum available spaces = 10. I’m making just 10-spaces available so get that valuable real estate while it’s still for sale.

Buy An Advertorial. [An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The term “advertorial” is a blend of the words “advertisement” and “editorial.” Merriam-Webster dates the origin of the word to 1946.]  

Submit an article you wrote, or an article a publication produced as an Advertorial. Your Links and any special additional advertising on the page are included for a negotiated price. Make me an offer I’d be crazy to refuse. Let’s do some honest business. This applies to churches, national clinics, resorts and restaurants, and many other businesses. Hotel chain advertising is available for any location on the globe. Of course, be certain there are links to your website and reservations pages. Please read the paragraphs following above about photos. If you’re running a church and want to be on the home page, don’t wait! Do it before commercial businesses hear about this offer.

The big home page ad you may order will be matched with 10 placements of a smaller ad you may provide which can link to the an article you submitted, or to your business website links. This offer will also include several links in Posts (Posts go to social media) related to your subject (For example Restaurant ads go well with Food articles, or Travel articles wherein your restaurant is inside or near a featured hotel. You may let me know which placement locations you prefer and I’ll do the best I can to make that happen for you.)

In the case of an Advertorial: The end of your advertorial will be separated from ads below it by a horizontal line. As an example: Ads below it will be shops inside your hotel, or near to it of interest to hotel guests. This might include beauty salons, shops selling high end clothing and handbags, or restaurants at a nearby mall.

Placement in a Feature Article:  For example, request placement for Miami Beach area if your business is in Miami. Price for YOUR business IF IN MIAMI is $55.00 for a 2” x 2” ad. Larger ads $14/square inch. Pay for 11 months, the 12th month is free when you pay for the year at time of ad insertion order placement. Contact me for an invoice for that ad insertion.  [email protected]

If you do not want to write through gmail or area afraid your note will go into the Spam folder, use this address:  [email protected]

Exclusively Yours Business Advertorials and Articles

Send an article you wrote. Your ad and links on the page are included in the price, just $14/square inch. Thus an 8” x 11” article including exclusively your ad and your links = 88 square inches x $14 = $1232/month x 11 months = $13,552/year. The 12th month is included Free of Charge.

Ads larger than 10 square inches for the featured city for restaurants and hotels, tours, and special attractions, even churches — are negotiable. Write to me with your “get started” offer and let’s begin doing some good business.

You may present a feature to add to an existing article! For example, I have an article about best hotels in the Miami Beach area. Send an addition to that article with photos. Just attach it to email from your Microsoft Word file (just as you produced it at your desk) and I can place it in the existing article and make it look similar to the other featured hotel pieces. Make a price offer and we’ll come to an agreement.

The hotels in that article may be replaced if they refuse to do business with me. If it’s a bit longer that’s alright, In fact I’ll welcome a longer, well written piece. Ask your ad agency or hotel main office to help you work up a beautiful feature including several photos and I’ll fit their work into the article. This can also work for Apartments and high-rise building offices and condominium spaces from builders and realtors. You can pepper the ad with your links, of course!

Please Note: Hotel & Resort Ads:  I’ll allow pieces talking about romance, weddings at the hotel and honeymoons, but please keep the women covered in a swimsuit a bit larger than “dental floss!” (I’m sure you know what I mean. 1-piece, 2-piece, “Bikini” is alright. Thongs and see through are not. Consider your target audience here.) This magazine retains the right to reject advertising that we think is inappropriate to our audience.

You can add links within your ad to videos, including a YouTube Embedded video link (the video is viewed on the article). I claim no control over what people wear in the videos but I hope you will consider your audience. You may be selling an all nudist weekend at a beach hotel but I do not think that will go well with this audience. On the other hand, you might sell a SCUBA dive tour and if the young woman photographed swimming is a bit less covered, I think you can get away with that without complaints. I see several of those promoting hotels in The Philippines.

These type ads will include 10 placements of a smaller ad you provide which can link to the larger piece, or an article you submitted, or to your business website links. This offer will also include several links in Posts (Posts go to social media) related to your subject (For example Restaurant ads go well with Food articles, or Travel articles wherein your restaurant is inside or near a featured hotel. You may let me know which placement locations you prefer and I’ll do the best I can to make that happen for you.)  

For just $500 additional for the full year, your piece can be a FEATURED ARTICLE with promotional placement on the Blog listing page under the categories: “Popular” and/or “Featured.” These will be included in a rotating slide show with other “featured” pieces. (The rotation is eye catching. Placement in a “slide” show rotation is more effective than placement on the page as “static.”) This features should appear and be available after July 4 2018.

Your ads in any article will link to your own website. LINKS in a piece you submitted can link to any particular section of your site – as for example, an article about a Resort Hotel could include an ad and other links within the article linking to your Reservations Desk or a Reservations Page, or a video and then a further link at the end of the video to your Reservations Desk. The customer can place His/Her reservation immediately there. You are welcome to include several links to for example, Reservations, Spa, Restaurant, Special Events Manager.

Add a code number to the address of that page. You’ll know how many reservations came from the ad. A reservations operator can ask for a code number on the page because you ended the article with something like this: “Place Your Reservation. Mention this code number to get a 15% discount for your room or $100 in vouchers for meals in any of our on site restaurants.” This provides a survey helping you to see how effective your ad was. You can change the Advertorial the next year to compare which article/ad worked best. For a slight upcharge at the time of request, you can change it every 3rd month. This allows for changes for high-season, holidays, or other special events.

This sort of application can apply well also to Real Estate, Condos and Apartments for rent or sale within a high rise building — anywhere in the world. It’s your ad. If you want to advertise an apartment for sale in Hawaii or Cebu, The Philippines,  let’s do it. It’s a good idea. The public you’ll reach is aware, and intelligent. Many want to own an “escape” they can rent out through the year and retreat to if there’s trouble near home. Same goes of assisted living facilities. Your business might invest in such a facility in The Philippines and advertise it in this magazine. 

I am open minded for your proposals and requests. If you have an idea or know of something done in another publication which you would like to see in mine, tell me. Give me a web address so I can see it.  Perhaps I can make that happen for you. As I’ve said before, make me an offer I’d be crazy to refuse. My advertising space is here to help business happen and help individual businesses grow and develop. 

I have a lot of respect for the small business owner because my parents were running a business when I was born and I ran my own clinic when I graduated Chiropractic college. Your work is not a hobby! I know what it is to work long days and worry through difficult nights and weekends. Someone should give you a helping hand and I want to be that one!

For ideas, consider: If you run a shop inside a big hotel I’ll run your ad within or beneath the hotel featured ad or advertorial page for just $14/square inch. The hotel gets a boost from your ad and you get more notice. You’re helping one another. Of course this is generally specific to a hotel featured in a particular location. For example, you might sell high end hand bags and better clothing in a shop within the hotel, or close to it, even at a shopping mall close to the hotel. Run your ad which can be linked from beneath the hotel Advertorial and get it for just $14.00/square inch. Perhaps the hotel management will help pay for your ad!

What else can I do for you?. Throw an idea to me. Make an offer. Let’s help one another do more business and gain greater prosperity!

Thanks for your kind attention



Did you get lost? The start of this discussion is HERE

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