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Science Proves God Is Real and THE CREATOR!


  1. From Whom/Where Did God Come?    As PDF to download
  1. From Whom/Where Did God Come?
  2. Science Has Found Proof of God!
  3. Science Proves Life Was No Accident!
  4. Scientists Admit Life must be the Result of Intelligent Design
  5. Scientists Debate: How Did Life Begin?
  6. September 26, 2013 How Did Life Begin? –New Theory on the Origins of Life on Earth & Other Planets
  7. God Created Everything
  8. HOW Did Life Begin?
  9. noahs-flood-genetics/
  10. how-old-is-earth?
  11. renown-theoretical-physicist-michio-kaku-there-is-proof-the-universe-was-created/
  12. science-proves-god-is-real/
  13. Could Our Amazing Earth Have Formed “Accidentally?”


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