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The Prophesied Final Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Power (pt 6 of 6)

pages 11 and 12

This speaks of The Holy Roman Empire whose history is still plainly evident in the cathedrals and castles, the ruins and battlefields, the symbols and memorabilia, the laws, customs and practices of Europe today.

Most significantly, you will see this prophecy is an apt description of the Holy Roman Empire currently being resurrected in Europe.

Consider, Revelation 17 was written more than 400 years before the first manifestation in Europe of the Holy Roman Empire.

We are speaking of “Rome” the city and “Rome’ the Vatican. The Vatican quietly sways the politics of the entire world. The faithful parishioners are unwitting pawns in a deadly game but are otherwise devout people who WANT to be with God and Jesus the Christ. The true student should consider this carefully and perhaps study the works of teachers at

Remember the purposes of this book. We are exploring the history of the Holy Roman Empire in an effort to warn the reader about its imminent

resurrection in Europe. The better we understand what this entity did in the past, the better we will recognize what it is likely to do in the future.

The stakes are too high to make a mistake. If we deny it all and tell ourselves “everything will be alright” we’ll be the big losers!

The Revived Holy Roman Empire will cause global devastation that will affect every person on Earth, every investment, every business, every economic system of every country, and every economic and retirement plan of every person alive!

The history of the Holy Roman Empire proves God’s existence and the veracity of His Word. This is a truth that every person on Earth will have to come to understand, and that every reader would do well to think seriously about.

I believe about 90% of the world population thinks God is nonsensical mythology and the Bible is useful for a door stop. They will discover how wrong they were.

Consider, if God prophesied in the first century that a great false religion would preside over seven distinct empires, and subsequent history shows a great religion presiding over seven distinct empires, this is fulfilled prophecy. Surely there is no other rational explanation.

If a prophecy is obviously and quantifiably fulfilled, that proves that a supreme power capable of bringing that prophecy to fruition also must exist.

No man or group of men over 4,000 years ago could have forecast something like the Holy Roman Empire, rising 7-times!  Certainly no man could influence world conditions over the course of two millennia to bring it to pass. The Holy Roman Empire exists. It looks and behaves exactly as God prophesied. It stands as undeniable proof God exists and his words go out and do their work and do not return to him to Him “empty” (as empty threats or boasts.)

Apostle Paul said we have among all of our proofs the “more sure word” of prophecy. I show scientific articles from various disciplines, to prove the universe and all life was created, but people who want to continue in sin only say they want to win their argument! My effort is wasted. They won’t read that material – to their peril!

Our history shows that a prophecy was given and was fulfilled and this has happened for a great many prophesies and we are watching as the last of them is being fulfilled!

The notions that the Bible makes no sense, and is for dimwits, that it can’t relate to today’s world, is a lot of fantastic nonsense, are all lies intended to keep you away from the truth. The truth is the Bible always proves truthful and when we don’t understand what we read, it’s our fault. We have to study more to understand what we’ve read!

God is alive and working now. His might is superior to anything ever seen by any works of men. He is all-powerful and supreme.

Recognizing the unassailable truth of these assertions you can now start

answering life’s most perplexing, most fundamental questions: What is man? What is the purpose of man? What is man’s future? The answers come only after one has proved God’s existence and is satisfied that the Bible is trustworthy.

Mankind, despite the chaos and hopelessness that engulfs us, has a bright future for those who love God. God has plans for us and reasons for us to look forward to an eternally better and far happier life!

I think this is enough introduction. Let’s go over together how the Holy Roman Empire fulfills Bible prophecy—and is destined to do so again in your lifetime.

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Final Rise of Europe’s Most Devastating Power 12.8.18

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