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The Way Home

God’s modern promise to you for a happy eternity

  • A clear language explanation in the final years of this age
  • What God offers to those who see His truth
  • Successfully pass the most important test of your life!
  • “End Notes” Articles that promise to Amaze you!

The Way Home

Dr. Stephen Newdell

A Servant of God (in training)

This PDF book is free of charge, written year 2013,

Updated December 2019

Are You Happy In Today’s Society?

(What’s In This Book For You?) 

          Before you really get into this I’ll blab a little so you know why I’m offering this book to you at no charge.

          Let’s begin by thinking about the world in which we live. In the hope this book will be passed by you to friends, social network contacts, and email contacts everywhere in the world, I’ll attempt to keep my vocabulary and writing simple so that people who did not grow up speaking English can still understand it. Forgive me when I get carried away and use words you don’t quite understand. If you or someone you know decided to translate it faithfully into another language I could only thank you and say your effort was inspired by God.

          Since 1960, half of all marriages in the United States have ended in divorce. Many people Age 53 and younger have grown up in a single-parent family. They have no real idea about what it might be to experience a happy marriage and a “nuclear (traditional mother and father together) family.”

In many of these “living arrangements” there was no father at home, mother occasionally took to herself various lovers, perhaps had children each with a different father, and had no church for guidance, and no moral guidelines other than what was taught to the children while they watched television.

Where is this brave new world taking us? Are we happy with society as it is now? How can we find our way to the home where we belong?

Dr. Newdell presents a non-traditional opinion in this book. It may take your thinking into new and interesting alleys and avenues. In the end we think it will benefit you, and you can have it FREE of charge. Just CLICK THIS LINK.

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