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The Purpose of This E-Magazine

The US did have General Interest Magazines for a general audience but later most of these moved to a “niche” marketing stance and now one is hard pressed to find a wholesome, yet modern magazine for today’s readers. As editor, I often walk a thin line between cultures. Can I say this without offending? If I don’t say it, will I really get the message across? 

We’re developing “sections” with different topics. We’re not exclusively discussing theology.

I’m estimating, 99% of all the material here will not offend anyone and make for relaxing interesting reading with a God-Loving Christian Slant and be valuable for readers age 16 and older. I am editing and doing my best to avoid offending anyone.

I’m selecting articles from several sources that will help you answer the deeper questions, working with lessons produced by other pastors and teachers. These lessons have been carefully thought out and produced to help anyone understand God’s Way and find proofs that God is real and the Creator of Life and The Universe. I refer you back to these article sources allowing you to find more information.

My emphasis is firstly to speak to today’s modern generations. We have been deceived for at least 60-years. We’ve been told that God and Jesus the Christ are mythology. But there’s plenty of good historical proof that’s not so. We’ve been told the universe fell together accidentally. There is much good science to prove otherwise.

Prophecy tied to today’s Geo-Politics and Economics is another form of proof that God is real and His words through His prophets are coming true. 

You’ll please notice I’m not running a church. I don’t request donations. Christian owned small businesses advertise here. We reach a large and well educated, often prosperous audience, so the advertising benefits them. The prices for ads are very reasonable. It helps us stay alive to serve you, and keeps the work going.

Advertising for big firms like hotel chains, travel agencies and huge retail operations pay me a small return for sending them a customer. They pay me far less than they would pay to a big medium like a television network or a big print magazine. Using this method the prices they charge can be lower because their cost of advertising is lower. Please click on ads that interest you, consider their offers, and when you buy you’re helping keep us operating here, and you are reducing your cost to buy. In the case of someone like a big drugstore or vitamin shop chain, you have greater safety and convenience as they deliver to your door.

I should say this on every page of this website. Honest Christian education requires reading and thinking. A true student of theology must be able to think and consider what seems appropriate. Ultimately this is not everyone’s religion. Its YOURS. When some group tells you that you must not educate, must not read, must not think, must ONLY read the materials THEY give to you, that’s a cult and you should leave them immediately. You’re obviously a thinker and too intelligent to ever be happy with them. If you were not a thinker, you would not be here.

The “term” or word “Magazine” can be defined as an archive or library, repository or storage space. I intend to store in this library at least 1,000 titles, some short, others longer and more serious studies. For so long as we’re allowed to present Christian thought to the world, we’ll be here to help intelligent, literate, questioning readers like yourself find their way to your eternal home.

And aside of that, we’ll cover other topics such as travel, health care, geopolitical news and politics as it relates to Biblical Prophecy; a good dose of many things to interest the intelligent, logical, inquiring mind.


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