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To Save Our Nation From Corruption

The IG’s report and the theft of President Trump’s personal records to enable further actions to destroy a sitting president are unarguable proof the US government is the largest criminal enterprise on earth. We are its victims.
Donald Trump is fighting the battle to save America single-handedly. He cannot win without our help. We will not survive as a free peoples if he does not win.
We have already lost most control of ‘our’ government. If we fail to stand united, now, we will be enslaved for the rest of our days.
This November we must vote in numbers never before seen in the history of the United States. This November, we must grow our control over the House, the Senate, and the States’ governors and Houses. We must repeat in 2020.
There is no reprieve for us, there are no more options, no more ‘wait and sees’, no more IG reports, no more sub-committee hearings that will change anything. Beyond Donald Trump, there is no one in government on whom we can rely. Either we stand up now, or the America we knew and still love is dead.
Make no mistake about the massive opposition we will face in November. Unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens will be at the polls, unprecedented numbers of communities will have more votes than there are registered voters. There will be an unprecedented drive to herd brainwashed students to the polls to vote away their futures and bus illegal voters across state lines to cast multiple ballots.
The stakes will be higher than anything we have experienced in 2018 and higher still in 2020. A loss this November will mean the end of all investigations into the left’s corruption and the reigniting of attacks on President Trump that make anything we have seen to date pale by comparison.
There will be no more conservative judges appointed, there will be no wall. The house and senate will use every arcane maneuver imaginable to assure that Donald Trump accomplishes nothing whether he remains in office for 2 more years or 6.
There is no one to save us, but us. How hard are you willing to work? How many people will you get to the polls? How many Americans living abroad can you encourage to vote before November begins!

Take These Two Action Steps

2. Identify 10 PEOPLE You will drive to the polls. Give as many  people a ride as you can! Keep your promise. Phone each of them, arrive at their home, pick them up, take them there and take them home again.
Go Here to learn to vote from Abroad:

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