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Loretto Chapel: Defining The Miraculous


Can a staircase in a little desert church be “Miraculous”?

Perhaps the answer begins with the definition of the word, and the meaning it brings to the lives of those who see and touch it. Dr. Steve Newdell delves deeper into the legend of The Miraculous Staircase inside the amazing Loretto Chapel while searching for a miracle residing within you.
Where did they come from, these Nuns, these dedicated ladies called to be the Sisters of Loretto? They claim the miraculous happened here. Let’s you and I search for the miracle.
The History of The Chapel and Santa Fe stems from the year 1610, and can be traced earlier to the first Spanish settlements and missions in the Southern U.S. Coast around what today we call Florida. more>Loretto Chapel: Defining The Miraculous

Ireland – The Road Not Taken   (video)

SIARGAO BLEU RESORT & SPA (not yet for public release)

Ancient Rome Tour With Flavius Josephus

800 x 533

Where, but in the Eternal City, is it possible to map a 2,000-year-old eyewitness account of history onto an intact urban fabric?

Even after two millenniums of crumbling, without a book or a guide, the image of the seven-branched candelabrum — the Jewish menorah — is unmistakable on the inner wall of the Arch of Titus in the Roman Forum.

Stand at the base of the single-passage arch and look up. Lordosing an old spine and straining old eyes, one discerns the scene in bas-relief as it ripples to life.  MORE>  Ancient Rome Tour With Flavius Josephus

Top Choice 15 Resorts Around Miami, Florida

A Florida vacation is incomplete if you miss ever popular Miami.

Located along Florida’s Atlantic coast, Miami is a major hub of culture, art, music and food, which attracts over 38 million tourists each year; And for good reason! Miami’s tourism industry offers everything and adds what man cannot make, the city’s access to the white sand beaches along the Atlantic, as well as conventions and festivals.

This semi-subtropical climate and luxurious infrastructure and housing offer a broad range of interests, entertainment and activities. More>Top Choice 15 Resorts Around Miami, Florida


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Serenity In Sedona

Serenity In Sedona The Magical Community In The Sky — Art, Spas, Fine Food, Wine Tasting Tours and Pottery Shops

sedona 3.jpg

 Sedona attracts hikers scaling its buttes and New Age pilgrims seeking the fabled vortexes. In recent years, the high desert has drawn a more cultured crowd, lovers of books, art, Native American Pottery, fine restaurants and traditional old European style wines. // It’s clear skies and dry are make it a perfect place to view the vault above at night. MORE

Distant From The Thundering Surf


Best recommendations for where to look, shop, eat and sleep:  High above the island’s famed beaches, in the fertile bohemian heartland, the hills waft the scent of pine, the air is soft with lavender and cowboys on horseback still work their ranches.

New York City’s 13 Most Notable Destinations

New York, New York. An Amazing Town With Prophetic Twists;  If it’s your first or second trip to New York City, it can be  overwhelming when you try to choose among all the enticing attractions beckoning you. It’s called the Big Apple, and it is hiding in your Bible, with prophetic significance at many corners!

The Best Way To Sail New York Harbor

Ventura yacht

The Best Way To See New York Harbor …

26 Fun and Fab Cape Coral Florida Adventures

1 Yacht-Club-Cape-Coral-.jpg

I spent three years living “on the Cape” and I’m qualified to tell you it’s a nearly perfect location for sightseeing, or settling in to buy or rent a home and stay. Here are great things to do when you visit.

A gorgeous Florida setting on the Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral is home to everything to do when the sun is shining, plus so many family-friendly activities. You’ll have a full itinerary before you know it! Consider some of our absolute favorite things to do in the area, and start planning!


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Americans Are On The Move. Where and Why

Historic House Move 06There’s a refugee crisis going on in the United States. It’s like a secret in plain sight. If people are leaving California, New York and Connecticut, where are they going? // Between 2015 and 2016, more than a half-million “economic migrants” decided I’ve had enough of this state and have moved to Florida, Nevada, and Texas, Washington, Tennessee and a few others. // They’re fleeing tyrannical liberalist governments. They’re searching for better job prospects and higher living standards.//These refugees are US Citizens moving within the USA.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

As one looks upon stately Doric columns, cornices and coffered ceilings, the iconic Fullerton Hotel stands like a mighty fortress against a shining city-scape at the mouth of the Singapore River. High-ceiling suites, Italian marble floors, and a lobby museum, amalgamate opulence with the hotel’s venerated history.   More

Pinjalo Resort Villas, Philippines

full_dsc_6712_1454919647 Pinjalo Resort Villas; Arguably Among The Very Best Resorts on Beautiful Boracay Island, part of the peaceful, Fabulous Philippines!

Boracay island has had a major infrastructure improvement over the past 3 years and is clean, beautiful and more attractive than ever!

Ponjalo Resort Villas, is located where tranquility meets the Paradise of Boracay Island. It’s just a 2 minute walk to the center of White Beach beachfront. Enjoy the luxury of old Boracay – where large well-furnished bedrooms , each with very spacious patios are set in a large, lush tropical garden, which in today’s hectic world gives you the privilege of total privacy. There are very few such accommodations on this island.



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