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We Were Crucified with Christ

We Were Crucified with Christ

The family and closest disciples of Jesus stood near keeping a dreary vigil. The Christ, miserable beyond comprehension was dying, tortured by his own body, hanging from nails on a cross.

When The Christ died on the cross the work of salvation was completed and He provided access for all believers into God’s holy presence. Therefore, we understand, there is nothing more you can do to be saved. No work that must be done to prove yourself; no money to be paid, no temples to be built, no terrible self-torture. For salvation into Heaven comes by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone.

God is a real personage and our relationship with Him can be cultivated as with any other relationship. We have been saved to live in fellowship with Him, to become one of His family and be raised to be Like Him! And to live within the new government with God and Jesus as the head of that government. (and that’s the true gospel promise the disciples were charged to pass on in a nutshell.)

We can enjoy the riches of the Christian life only as we grow in intimacy with Christ. The presence of our Lord in our lives brings this intimacy and these riches in glory with Him.

Desire for sin falls away and one feels more at peace as the days stretch into yur future.

If there is no peace, joy, long-suffering, patience, life, it may well be that we are out of fellowship with Him, or that we have not come into a living relationship with Him. We must spend time in His presence every day. It is best to read some of the Bible or at least Daily Devotions like these posted on this site one every day. Get some sort of good, solid, honest, conservative Bible words and message of our faith fed to your mind every day. I have an elder friend who feeds his mind while he feeds his body over breakfast. He wouldn’t start his day without it, and in his old age (now age 92) he say he knows greater peace than ever.

Many are depressed, weeping, painful over their lost youth, terrified they’ll die to go to Hell’s torment forever. They don’t know what they’re doing or what a true Life Philosophy should be about. I ask you:  If after all your years striving for money and the pleasures it might buy, you find yourself without wisdom, what did you gain? An entire lifetime burned up and you have nothing to show for it but a long list of fleeting romances and a lot of metal and plastic junk purchased and then passed to the garbage dump? What did you do? What were you thinking?

It is terribly easy to get our minds set on a thousand good things, but not on Christ. No religious activities or feelings can substitute for the cultivation of the presence of God in our lives.

Apostle Paul wrote: “I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me . . .” (Galatians 2:20 NET).

“When Christ bids us come and follow, He bids us come and die,” said Bonhoeffer. Ahh, but the issue is in the definition Pastor Bonhoeffer uses about this word “die.” 

The victory in the Christian’s life comes Because we die to selfishness, we die to our sinful desires, we leave the old woman and man go to the grave yard of evil spirit and turn toward the light of life and true freedom. To die and lose sin and then rise again and be liberated to follow God’s Way and Jesus our Christ is the greatest gain we can know!

Sadly, most people never realized the meaning of these encoded messages with their double meanings. But we are modern Western culture and our minds are trained to flit like flies from one shiny object to another, distracting ourselves and wasting our energy learning nothing, commenting about someone else’s daily activities. All of it is intended to turn your feet onto the sinful path.

Meantime, the Jewish Culture from which Christianity comes, reads deeply, thinks carefully, seeks the hidden meaning behind what they read, and what they write, and speak. To really understand Christianity, one must seek to at least get a slight grasp in understanding the culture from which it came!

The apostle Paul wrote, “To me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil. 1:20). (….and so many have wondered, “What does that mean?”)

Again he wrote, “The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Gal. 2:20). Paul can write this because he has been crucified with Christ.

The Christian life is impossible to live if you do not know Christ as your Savior. It is impossible if you have never put your faith in Christ. Nothing in the unsaved person’s life can satisfy God’s righteousness. God will not accept our self-righteousness in the slightest degree. Self-crucifixion by a lost person will not save you. Having gained much education and wealthy cannot rescue you for eternity! Only “Jesus Christ” our savior can save us. Jesus our Savior, Jesus the Christ, Ye’Shuah ha Massiach. All one, all the same.

It is only after an individual has put his faith in Christ and been born again that God brings a person to self-crucifixion so Christ will be magnified.

Have you made a commitment to Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Have you trusted in His saving grace at the cross? Have you put your faith in His death and His blood to cover all your sins? If you never have, you must do so right now. Read my piece “Come Before Winter” and make a serious decision, because we, each of us, are running out of time.

Request rescue, before it’s too late!

When we come to The Christ we arrive wearing a long ragged overcoat, filthy with earth and crawling with vermin. Our hair is an oily mess. Our face and body are as one who was disfigured in some unimaginably terrible incident. All is stinking putrefaction!
When we are crucified with Christ and fall at his feet requesting redemption, we allow Him to strip away everything that keeps us from having an intimate fellowship with Him. It is as if we allow Him to strip off all our old worn out clothing. We are at least redeemed from this world, this Prison of Disappointment.
He gives us a new robe in His perfect righteousness. Anything that would keep us from following into the fullness of His life shall be nailed to the cross daily. In this we become the new woman, the new man, the new daughter or son in God, following Jesus The Christ to eternal salvation and happiness.
Dr. Stephen Newdell with notes from

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