Hello, and Good Morning, and God Bless You,       November 1, 2018
I was so tired by 7:30 last night I thought I’d lie down for a few minutes and soon enough I was among the living dead until 3:30 when I thought it must be near dawn and got up. So now it’s 4:38 an I’m saying “hello”. And wondering, “Whatever happened to the normal world?”
We know I’m not exactly prudish about sexual everything but every “item” has its time and place. I’m an observer of all things human. I don’t participate. I observe and compare against the backdrop of Biblical Prophecy.  
Upgrading my computer a few months ago I ended up with Microsoft 2010 which automatically opens me to their search engine “Bing” and that leads to pictures of places and sight-seeing, and this time it was the island Malta off the Italian coast. Very nice. So then I see “Women of Malta” and a photo of a woman with a lacy bandana over her hair and I thought, “Oh, very nice. I’ll look more” and there are photos and photos and in the middle of it all Nudes. Nudes? Here? In the middle of all these photos offering sights and culture? This can’t be from Malta can it? So I clicked on it and up comes an endless collection of suggestive nudes, not XXX let’s rate it X.
Whatever happened to the world? What ever happened to decency? I’m not attempting to promote any one particular church denomination, I’m just asking about what men and women once called “Common Decency?” Where did it go?! Why do I care to see among pictures of Baroque buildings and sailing yacht races, photos of human females, many who look prettier covered than nude??? I think the collective world has been losing its collective mind for a long time and it’s only getting worse.
It’s Halloween weekend in America or Satan’s High Unholy Day somewhere, or All Souls Day here in The Philippines, which I think was an attempt to cover over the very wicked past. The history of it is too horrid to contemplate, but if you hang out with me, you’ll have to tolerate my study of history and dark truths. I’m doing my best to ignore all of this stuff.
The Catholic Parishioner often knows nothing of Vatican history. In my mind I completely separate these honest, pious, kindly and good people from The Vatican. If most of them knew what goes on within the thick stone walls of the many edifices that make up Vatican City, they would all be looking to start their own church!
Church is the right word. The Church is the body of believers. The Vatican or clergy or leadership is something entirely different. Don’t allow yourself to imagine they are one and the same, they most certainly are not.
I’m reducing a long book about the history of the Vatican down to something more easily digested, and I’m learning more Dark-Middle Age and closer to modern history this month than ever.
Whatever happened to the world? There are those who are baffled to learn that America has had thus far over 47,000 shooting incidents over the past 365 days, one per week on average in schools. We have noted with horrified and pathetic wonder as a lot of very good, extremely well educated and cultured Jewish Americans quietly decry a lunatic yelling “All Jews Must Die” (right out of Russia and Ukraine 1900’s) and then opening fire with an automatic weapon into a Squirrel Hill Synagogue.  
The President called him a “nut job.” He’s more than “nuts.” My dear friend on Mindanao asked me to explain what’s going on and referred to this as a mental “defect” (a commonly used term here for “mentally ill.”) This is much more than a mental illness. This is a cultural defect of the worst sort, because people watch it rise and do nothing. Busy parents have been sending little Susie and John off to school since 1960 where the school has quietly been switching to New Math, New History, New Social-studies, and a “Theory Based” education system, throwing out baby and bathwater the “outcome based” education system that worked so well. I listened to teachers speaking then about New Math. “Now they don’t care if you get the answer right. They want you to get the concept.”
Well …. my concept is, Mr. Roofer wants to know how many board feet of lumber to buy so he doesn’t end up paying Mrs. Customer to do the job for her. I don’t care about theory. I want that man to make a decent honest profit and continue being available to work next month too!
costumesPeople are dressing in NAZI uniforms, dressing their kids in NAZI uniforms with a mustache painted on the little boy’s face to look like Adolph the Nut Job – and they say nothing. They’ll smile at their front door and hand out candy to the little boy who has no idea who Adolph Hitler was or what that uniform means. What “nut job” is producing such uniforms? Someone who wants to promote NEO NAZI-ism, that’s who!  
Some of the people I know on Facebook will have a go at writing a few civilized words of derogation. Their words will waft off into the breeze like cigarette smoke on a cool evening beach, and the effort will have come to nothing.
Biblical Prophecy has told us what will happen. Sadly, the people who need to know it best are they who refuse to look at the warnings given, which make up fully one-third of this most civilized piece of literature.
It’s a holiday where I hide from it all in The Philippines and essentially most big business will be closed until November 3rd – which these days is long enough to collapse world stock-markets and commodities trade and launch a major war, but that’s the world for us and if you don’t like it, drop that protest sign on the wet grass, drop to your white cloth covered knees on it and pray, because prayer is your only best hope!
And that’s today’s 3:30 report finally turned out at 6AM. Have a Happy!

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